Monday July 7, 2008

I’m back from Korea. A lot of work to catch up on. Will blog about my trip later. For now, here’s my first cover for a Malay health and beauty magazine – Rapi, making this my first Malay magazine cover.

The cover…very nice and bright

Cover Story…first 2 pages… Senyum Ketawa Hidup Lebih Ceria translates to ‘Smile and Laugh your Way to a Happier Life.’

Girl with the hat….

Final 2 pages

I actually really like this picture. My nose look exceptionally sharp here! hehehe…..

The colour contrast’s really nice..

Me being silly/myself

I love the colours and the whole layout of the article and the pictures they chose. However, the writer wrote that I’m endorsing Olay Total White when it’s Olay White Radiance, but I guess it’s ok. Olay didn’t get this cover for me… And there’s no Total White in the Olay range so it shouldn’t be too misleading.

Alright peeps, really tired now. Gonna leave you guys at that. Till my next post. Go grab your copy of FHM July 08 now!


0 comments on “Monday July 7, 2008

  1. Anonymous

    Bel, do you know any of part time photoshoot out there ? any vacancy? any recommendation?

    or even readers out there, let me know if you guys know any. I’m currently working full time, I’m searching for part time photoshooting to occupy my weekends.

    thanks a bunch! 🙂

  2. meowz_88

    Hey,just thought of dropping by cos I just remembered you from having yr dinner in Italiannies the other day.U look nice =)))) and yeah,you are one of the few artists I served before who are so not stuck up.Lol.

    Just dropping by to say hi.Have an awesome week ahead ya.


  3. Yerdeh

    hey bel, finally managed to catch u on quickie’s 8tv. I really don’t see what the negative comments are about, I thought u did a great job. Very natural and funny, and if ur American ‘accent’ is a problem then I have a bad American accent too! Forget the haters! 🙂

  4. aNNa_B3LLa

    Hey, I think I’ve met you in Kuching before but I can’t remember where. But anyways, I bought FHM, hehe… I love the fact that someone like you from Kuching is making it big in KL. Stay gorgeous girl!

  5. Anonymous

    hey looks gorgeous on the cover of that magazine..i think im gonna buy it cuz you’re on the cover..=)

    and do you mind blogging about the bag you bought from Paris Hilton?if cant never mind then..

    have a great weekend..=)

    God bless.

    Love, Christine.


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