Wednesday July 23, 2008


I know….it’s been a while. Damn Facebook! hehehe…taking up so much of my time. It is so addictive. I am a bit overwhelmed by the amount of applications being sent to me daily, plus, I don’t have the heart to ignore people, so I’m pretty much adding everyone. It’s crazy the amount of time you can spend just facebook-ing.

Besides that of course, work has been keeping me busy. I’ve had to wake up at 8am in the morning and go to bed only about 4am for almost 3 days in a row now. I’m really really tired right now, but I can’t fall asleep even if I force myself to. I have lots of pictures from Korea and I can’t bring myself to choose and upload them here, very lazy. I will one day. One fine day. You know having a blog is quite a chore sometimes. I feel bad if I don’t update regularly and I feel guilty everytime I’m online and I don’t write something.

Anyways, here’s a quick update on what’s happening in the next couple of weeks..

– This Saturday, I’ll be at Sg Wang Plaza hosting the So You Think You Can Dance roadshow. It’s down to the Final 4.

– Leaving for Beijing on Monday evening for an assignment – to cover the Triumph Inspiration Award. Will be back by Friday. Can’t wait to tour the Forbidden City! Might not have time for the Great Wall though…

– Look out for the August issues of Jasmine Magazine and iFeel Magazine. I’m on the cover and in the beauty spread of those magazines respectively.

– 08.08.08 Make sure you tune in to the 8TV Quickie on that auspicious date. A change is coming….

OK people….it’s back to facebook now. hehehe…. Peace and Love! Take care!


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  1. yivontai

    Sounds like a busy bee, ms.bel 😉 and yea, Beijing is all fun and Forbidden City will take your breath away. If you get a local to get you around that gonna be great. She/He can tell you all the great history about the place..Have fun ! Had lotssa fun when I was there


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