Monday June 19, 2006

How am I supposed to have confidence in myself when no one believes in me?

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  1. chuinhow

    hello Michael here.. just read the Sun today and saw you in the paper… ! HeHe.. don worry.. support and believe in you all the way..

    say hi to joe yao for me..

  2. dannyfoo

    Hmm, I wonder if that no one is referring to a single someone. 😉

    Anyway, a pat on your back from me and if you need a shoulder or person(s) to talk to, we’re all here to give praice. 🙂


  3. miss_anj

    beel!! you alrite?

    we love you, you know that!! you’re gorgeous, you’re sweet, and you’re one of the nicest people i know!

    are you sure you don’t have pms? =p

  4. kim__who

    Hi Bel! I think that you have to believe in yourself first in order for people to have confidence and to believe in you, its like a catch 22 situation =) and there are heaps of ppl in sydney and m’asia who are fans of yours =) much love! kim

  5. virgin_punk

    hey belinda , well if its because of your job then dont get frustrated bout it alright !
    being in entertainment business its not easy but its fun . some people can get to cocky and full of themselves ..

    just give all you got , stand up for yourselve , prove em wrong and errything will slowly be alright , babe . 😉 good luck !

  6. mamoyo

    Babe, I believe in you. So do others who come everyday to this page to drop a comment in your posts or your chatterbox.

    and confidence must first come from yourself (you seem pretty confident to me) so dont let the non-supportive ones get you down.

    And btw, wasnt it you who told me during Sukma ’98 in Shah Alam to have confidence in myself before I went to the waiting room for 100m Breaststroke?

    =) Yes it was. Hugs!

  7. meowthegreat

    I am not sure what is troubling you, but at the end of the day you just have to be responsible to yourself, what others think do not matter as you are only acocuntable to God and yourself!! cheer up!

  8. su_ling

    Every cloud has a silver lining. Beneath every happy and cheerful days we go through there bound to be dark days too. U are gorgeous and have an awesome career. I’d do anything to be in ur shoes…so cheer up!!

  9. kinkybluefairy

    Bel. You want me to start a petition on how many people believe in you issit.

    Remember the UVJ finals? And you didn’t win. And you cried.

    And all of us shook our heads going, “She doesn’t have to worry man. She’s talented and everyone can see it. She’ll be able to make it there.”

    Confirm 😉

  10. s4ints

    You have confidence in yourself not because others believes in you. You are confident because you believe in yourself despite what other people may think.


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