Wednesday June 21, 2006

Sorry to be bombarding you guys with lots of emo recently, yeah…maybe it’s just PMS, maybe it was just a lot of down days that came all at once, where everything I do or say or attempt just falls flat. I appreciate all the sincere comments from you guys, it really does help. Nothing like a little damsel-in-distress mode for so much comments to pour in. I’m feeling a lot better now, although I still have some problems to sort out, no worries…’ll all turn out fine in due time.

I realised my blog is what Kennysia would label as “a run-of-the-mill girly bimbo blog” – lots of smiley faces and full of narcissictic pictures of myself. I don’t delve deep into controversial topics, I don’t talk about sex, heck, I don’t even swear! So what’s so interesting about my blog that keeps people coming back? It’s the pictures!! hehehe…. or so I assume. So call me bimbo all you want cause this will be a self-confidence booster post!

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Thanks a lot to Kimmy for the article in The Sun’s U pullout on Tuesday. I think you did a really good job at condensing and portraying the real me, considering the amount of nonsense that were said.

The New Man’s 3rd Anniversary Party was held at Zouk last Saturday and I auctioned off my Nikon Camera for RM900!!! Not a bad price I thought, and quite a steal for the bidder, although I’m not sure how much the retail price is, but it must’ve worthed more than the starting bid of RM250! The party was alright, quite a good response in the bidding front. May and Choy’s RAZR V3i and V3i D&G Limited Edition sold for the highest price of 1.8K and 3.6K respectively. Joyce managed to bid for Stephanie Chai’s 30GB Ipod Video for 1.4K which is about 100 bucks cheaper than retail price. The sensible Joyce told someone to take her paddle away because she was afraid the shopaholic her might bid for something else! hehehe…so cute…

These were some of the pictures and articles in the magazine that I hadn’t posted before.

Being ‘overpowered’ by Amber Chia on the Contents page

The inside spread

Me looking a bit ‘alien-ish’ with my auctioning product.

That night at Zouk…….

The hairstylist made my hair really big!

With Andy, Joyce and Kev before the event started. I had to ask Kev if my hair was blocking his face. hehehe…

With Andrew Westwood….gosh I look like an Aunty here….

With Stephy Chai. My face looks so wide because of the hair!! But I’ve never liked my front-on pictures anyways…..i prefer my profile shots…hehehe…

Like this one…. with Captain Sam!

I didn’t get anyone to help me get a shot of me on stage so, anyone *nudges Kev* with pictures of me on stage that night, please send it over! Thanks!!

This week’s recording for Top 10 Live was the best so far I thought. Keep a lookout next Wednesday, June 28th at 3-4pm and 9:30-10:30pm. We have Jaclyn Victor and a special guest on the show. Our first episode was rated No.53 in terms of viewership comparing all shows on MTV, Channel V and HITZ.TV and guess what, last week we climbed to No.5!!! The whole team is very happpy and very proud! Proves that what we’re doing is really quite entertaining and I’m really happy to say that I have input in moving the show along, behind and on screen.

Ok, i better get some sleep now. I think the lack of sleep contributed a little bit to the emotional rantings previously. Hope you guys enjoyed this post and keep those comments coming…..


0 comments on “Wednesday June 21, 2006

  1. virgin_punk

    Ah , that KennySia blog . He talks alot , doesnt he ?
    Let him be , Bel . You know at least your life is better than his .
    Look at your job and all tha benefits you’ve got .. 😉

  2. kimmik82

    no prob bout the article eh, if anything, you made me look good =)

    speaking of making me look good.. got any friends you think would make an interesting read? gimme their contact, i interview!

    i believe this could be the beginning of a beautiful mutually beneficial relationship.
    (do you need any blushers btw? i’ve got a couple of loreal and maybelline ones to giveaway)

  3. miss_anj

    great article bel! hahah, reminds me of how much the perfectionist you are. =p

    and i loved the big hair! and you do not have a wide face. i have always thought how tiny your is!

  4. whuzdatgurl

    oh yeah speakin abt top 10 live, i saw one episode where u wore a brazil jersey, yellow+green! i love brazil jerseys! anyways, they made u wear some black tights under ur skirt too right? i think the stylist has bad fash sense..


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