Wednesday July 5, 2006

It seems like while I was away, a certain ‘anonymous’ has taken over my chatbox! It was kinda entertaining for a while and I understand and respect the fact that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, however, the problem here is – you’re not respecting mine! I just don’t understand why when other people post pictures up on their blog it’s fine but when I do it, it’s considered self-advertising I apologise for not being as famous as Ms Malaysia/World who gets promoted left and right I have to resort to posting pictures of myself up on my dingy website which is probably only visited by the same 50 people over and over again. But I guess I did get my point across didn’t I? At least now you, yes you ‘dudette’, now you know who I am!! And you’ve probably spread your hatred of me to your friends etc…thus further igniting my advertising campaign!! Like they say, there’s no such thing as bad publicity! hahahaha…..

Anyways, back to my life. I’ve been busy for the past 2 weeks with weddings galore! 2 weekends ago, I was back in Kuching for my cousin’s wedding, then last weekend, we went back again for my Sister’s wedding reception. This coming weekend, we’re driving down to Singapore for the Groom side’s wedding reception. 3 weekends in a row of hectic running around, entertaining relatives and friends, emceeing, yum-seng-ing, flying back and forth, I’ve decided that when it’s my turn, I’m just gonna have a small ceremony with close friends and relatives….or hire a wedding planner….or elope instead.

My cousin Alex with his bride Jessica (June 24rd, 2006)

Proud Parents with the Blushing Bride. (July 1st, 2006)

The bride with the bridesmaid who couldn’t wake up in time and was almost late….

The bride, groom and the rest of the entourage………yes, Joe was roped in to become the Best Man.

I’m sure those of you who have had a wedding in the family knows the most common question asked to the sibling of the couple during a reception. “When is it your turn?” I’ve answered it so many times, I actually announced it while I was emceeing the reception – “When my turn comes I’ll let you know!!!” Both weddings in Kuching went really well although I think my sis’s reception beat my cousin’s reception hands down because of the cha cha session…..almost everyone went up to dance! I even pulled my grandma up and it was so funny coz she was dancing like she was doing her morning walk!! hahahahaha…..

My grandma being twirled by my sis’s friend.

Amidst all the happiness and joy, I finally confronted my fear of speaking to my babysitter’s husband who was also invited to the reception. My babysitter, whom I call Mamak, passed away early this year and although I found out a while ago, I was too scared to call back to pass my condolences because I know I would break down in tears and not know what to say. I guess I thought if I didn’t think or talk about it, I can pretend that she’s still alive. After the reception, I sat down with my Papak and we talked about how my Mamak went and I cried till the next morning. She took care of me right up till when I was in Primary School and I think I was closer to her than I was to my own grandma then. It’s really sad to not be able to share a joyous occasion with people you care about, but I know she’s in a better place now and she will forever be loved and missed…

My Mamak and her grandaughter when I visited them last year. A simple woman who has spent her life taking care of other people’s children expecting nothing else but their well-being in return. Thank you very much for everything that you’ve done for me, Mamak and know and trust that I will always remember and cherish you.


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  1. narada

    hi bel.. i believe in self promotion! if you dont promote yourself then why would you be worth promoting? gotta get out there somehow… hehe

  2. ian_dotcom

    random props.
    after reading a few recent post,
    i omg’ed.. this is so . totally cool.
    just that i never imagined that, i “just popped” into a local celebs xanga.. you’re the first. wow.
    now that this changed my thoughts, i think i should first support local celebs than international. we’re malaysians anyways. tata.

  3. sass_fel

    aawww beautiful weddings! i particularly love your dress too!!

    joe still hasn’t change since i’ve known him from school…hehehe.

    i’ll be cheeky and will ask this question….whens your turn?

    hahaha!! sorry couldn’t resist!

  4. estherxoxox

    God created everyone beautifully, and that’s all that matters. no worries about anonymous’ comments because it’s all about being who you are. we all write to express, not to impress, after all.

    nice dress, btw. : )

  5. lady2isis

    Bel, that is a REALLY nice dress you’re wearing in that photo with your cousin. very nice indeed… really suits you! brings your nice shoulders into the lime light 🙂

  6. su_ling

    Bel..sorry to hear bout ur mamak..:-)…bless her and we hope shell be in heaven now..watching u…;-)..btw, i luv ur dress..u luk nice in it and ur pretty too…i wished i had ur beauty…:-)

  7. mamoyo

    Congratulations on your sister’s wedding. I just realised i never met her in person.

    Omg. The white dress is beautiful!

    What happpened to the polka dot dress that you bought while we were at Forever21? Post that pic up! I love that dress.

    Oh and i havent got the chance to wear my white top with gold seams yet. I went back to the hotel kan and showed it off to Renee.



    It looks good, that’s all it matters. But damn, you should have bought the tube!

  8. devil_undercover

    Forget that silly, petty anonymous person. So what if you ‘promote’ yourself, it isn’t that person’s business whatsoever. But anyways, you’re cool, and I say go all the way, and Good luck!

  9. alieninspire

    hey bel, i never knew this till i read your blog now. umm.. your mamak, is actually my aunt. i was shocked to hear bout her passing away too. i was shocked. your papak is my uncle, from my father’s side.

    small world!


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