Sunday July 16, 2006

I don’t know where to start……..the past 2 weeks………*phew* thank God it’s all over, that’s all I can say! Was in Singapore for the final leg of my sister’s wedding last weekend. Family and I left on the roadtrip down south early Saturday morning, went through the 2nd link (Senai), got there about 11am, and as we were crossing the Singaporean border, we were denied entry!!! Why?? Coz my dad’s car road tax expired a week before!!! So we couldn’t cross into Singapore in that car!!

We had to turn back, pass Singaporean and Malaysian immigration again, to be picked up by my bro-in-law on Malaysian ground. My grandma, aunty and mum along with all the luggage went into Singapore with my bro-in-law and sister first. Joe, Dad and I then set off to JB to leave the car with my dad’s friend there. An hour long car ride and 2 hour long taxi rides later, we arrived at the apartment my sis booked for us in Singapore. Exhausted……..

The whole wedding festivities went on smoothly the next day. Was emcee again but this time had a co-emcee speaking in Mandarin. Did speed shopping on Monday for about 4 hours on Orchard Rd before setting back off on a hired taxi to bring us back into JB in the evening. Got home only around 10pm Monday night. Road trips are so tiring…..

My sister and her ‘Chi Muis’

The Family….me in my green polka-dot dress from Forever21. hehehe…..

My bro-in-law and his ‘Heng Tais’

Yum Seng!

That was last weekend.

This weekend, I went to Ipoh to SKYDIVE!! I was never an adventurous person but I really wanted to try it out, it was also tandem- meaning I was jumping with a professional- and it was all paid for coz we were shooting it for Hitz Central so… I went. Followed the bus with the other small-time celebrities up to Perak on Friday, all the other big names drove up themselves. The organisers were quite bad and unorganised….was supposed to leave at 11am, but only really left for Ipoh at 3pm.

The next day, we were supposed to start jumping at 11am but as expected, it was delayed. I only got to jump at about 3pm and I was one of the first. We jumped from 8,000ft on helicopters. Andy and I shared one whereas Xan shared another with a French guy. Surprisingly, I was pretty calm up till the point I jumped out of the plane.The freefall was quite exhilarating because we were falling so fast I couldn’t get a scream out. I was quite proud of myself because I kept my eyes open all throughout! But I got a bit woosy when we were parachuting down because of some sharp turns we took to reach the landing area. Also coz I just had lunch about half an hour before and the lunch was quite bad – everything oily and spicy. Right after touching base, I had to finish shooting several links, I got a bit pale in the face, ran to the toilet and half of my lunch came out. Very embarassing My whole experience was a bit ruined by that whole episode but I’m glad that I’ve tried it but I don’t think I’ll ever do it again.

With some of the ‘celebrities’ leaving the hotel to skydive!

The choppers we took to get up in the sky!

Gearing up before the jump, with my tandem master, Roger.

Ready? Not really…..

I didn’t have any during or after shots, but it’ll all come out on Hitz Central, not sure when yet, will keep you guys informed. The tandem masters also had a video on their hands filming us jumping so, when i get my hands on that I’ll try to post it up here.

I’m gonna sign off for today, got to do some packing for a shoot tomorrow! Take care everyone!! Will update again soon.


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  1. chukwang

    hahahaha..why didnt your piture come out on the first page of the star??

    kinda shocking isn’t it?

    i haven’t read the star for months and the first time i do, it’s about amber chia going skydiving.


    gosh… lol

    nice pics girl..:)


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