Monday May 7, 2007

All At Once!

I’m gonna try to squeeze every ‘important’ event I’ve been to in this one blog, so brace yourselves ok?

AIM 14

First up, the AIM14 (The 14th Malaysian Music Industry Awards) which happened on the 28th April. It was my first red carpet appearance and I was quite nervous. All of us (Rina, Aishah and I) loaned our dresses from Melinda Looi‘s Couture line.

I wasn’t quite ‘feeling’ my dress when I took it home, but after trying it on, with my shoes and my accessories, I fell in love with it. It has this really nice, intricately embroided top with sporadically placed beads and a chiffon flowing bottom that opens up to a green-sequined lining.

Makeup done by Sebastian from Runway, Lot 10.

Picture taken from AIM website.
Aishah and I on the red carpet. Overall, I kinda liked how I looked on the night except maybe for my hair. It wasn’t what I have initially planned because my hair was not long enough for the style I had in mind. I kinda look a bit too 60s with this hairstyle I think. Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable night, a bit boring at times, but the performances were all great! Many more of these things to come I hope!

MELL Fashion Show, Mid Valley Shopping Mall

After having worn her couture line, I had a chance to be decked out in Melinda’s casual designs, MELL, by participating in a fashion show in conjunction with Fashion Week at Mid Valley. True to her artistic nature, even casual clothes become high fashion with funky accessories and cool styling.
Aishah and I, backstage. Yes, I’m in a bob wig! This is the only picture I took with my camera. More pictures to come because our camera crew were actually there covering the event and they’ve managed to grab a couple of good pics from when we’re on the runway. So stay tuned for that!

Estee Lauder Model Search

Last Friday I was at Mid Valley covering the Estee Lauder Model Search Roadshow for the Quickie. It’s a search for the next face of Estee Lauder in Malaysia and it’s a great kick start to an illustrious modeling career. If I wasn’t already in the industry, I would definately go for it! The grand prize for winning this model search is worth almost RM20,000 and the winning model will be featured in CLEO and COSMO!! You do have to pay RM300 to join, but it’s definately not a rip off because not only do you get RM300 worth of door gifts, you’ll get RM250 worth of vouchers to redeem for Estee products, a makeover by Estee makeup artist, hairdo by A Cut Above, and you’ll be wearing fabulous clothes from Warehouse for your professional photoshoot. After which, they’ll touch-up your picture and print you an A4 size potrait which will serve as your entry photo, which you can also bring home! Today (8th May) is the final day the roadshow will be at Mid Valley before moving to other malls nationwide, so get on with it girls!! Check out this website for more information.

I’ve always been a fan of Estee Lauder makeup, my favourite item thus far was the blusher with the foldable applicator brush. But since I went to cover the event, the PR Manager, Jean, passed me some other items to try out. Now, I’ve found a brand new makeup must-have, the Estee Lauder Face Sheen in Bronze! Not just any ordinary Face Sheen, it’s from the limited edition Tom Ford for Estee Lauder Collection!! It gives my face a natural flush, as if I’ve just came back from a beach holiday! I’ve been using it for 2 days and I’m loving it so far!!

From left, The Eye Duo in bronze, The Lip Conditioner in Soiree and The Face Sheen in bronze. Love the aqua packaging!

I was told that I’m 1 of only 5 Malaysians who owns the Tom Ford Collection. It’s not sold here in Malaysia yet and they only brought in 5 sets to give away. I feel so very special!! Thanks Jean!!

The fabulous face sheen. I don’t quite know what’s the proper way to put it on so at the moment, I’m just using my fingers! It has a creamy texture but when it touches your skin it feels powdery.

Gives me that natural just-off-the-beach look! Hahah…..Estee should pay me for this ‘hard-sell’!!

But rest assured, nobody’s paying me any money to say all this. I’m just doing this because it’s my blog and I can say and advertise about almost anything if I want to! So what if everything that I blog about now are advertisements? It’s my own little nook in cyber space and if it’s too much of me for you to handle, well, I bid you farewell. Take that anonymous commenter!!

Ok guys, I think I better end it here today. Remember to catch me live, on the Quickie, every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 11:30pm on 8TV! Give us a call at 03-77296011 during the show to win great prizes and to chit-chat with us!! Looking forward to hearing from you!! Take care and be safe!!


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  1. BelindaC

    I put more on the groove underneath the apples of my cheek starting from the ear, for shading and just a little bit on the apples and little bit on the sides of my nose bridge to kinda shade the nose as well. 🙂

  2. burnburn

    hope u get to be on more red carpet events.
    those curls u had on for AIM14 really works, you should do it more often.
    hehe, quick quick, ebay the Tom Ford Collection from some quick bucks

  3. lengluilyn

    hi bel!
    the tom ford face sheen looks good on you

    i have heard that the skunk brush 187 from mac is great for cream blushes & highlighters.

    btw i caught a glimpse of you in the visit malaysia advert on TV 😀

  4. StonedEwok

    hey Bel!

    It’s been AAAAAAAAGES since I’ve been on Xanga gosh!

    But just wanted to say Happy (belated) Birthday for last Thursday May 17th 😛

    Sorry i’m so far behind aye, lol let’s just say it’s the time difference hehe

    Hope you had a great birthday!

    P.s. your display pic looks great 🙂

  5. Anonymous

    I’ve just tuned in to 8tv Quickie again recently and I find that you’re a refreshing addition to the whole show. You reminded me of Marion Counter somehow. Keep up the good work, and be more confident in yourself!


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