Sunday May 20, 2007

Since my little break from blogging, I’ve had time to gather my thoughts (and watched a lot of E! – my new favourite channel) and I guess what made me so upset before wasn’t the fact that these people are criticizing me left and right, it was the fact that I’ve given all control to these people and believed what they’ve said about me is all true.

You know, it’s not that you guys were totally wrong but it’s not like you’re right either. True, I’ve put myself in the limelight, I have to deal with the heat, true, I have a voice which is a little more high pitched than your average ‘ideal’ host, (what is ‘ideal’ anyways?) but I can think of quite a few other successful people with the same “problem” who’ve done really well in this industry. I’m not gonna name names because unlike some of you, I respect them. I’m not asking you guys to cut me some slack, I know comparisons happen in every aspect of life, but why can’t you accept that my voice is unique and it garners attention? You know, I’m ideal for hosting ground events when it is packed full of people and when I say “HEY” everyone looks my way! Heheh…isn’t that great? Isn’t that what being in the limelight is all about?

I’m not asking for your sympathy either but when I was really low and crying my eyes out in the bathroom thinking of how horrible a person I am and what am I doing hosting when everyone hates me, it dawned on me, why am I letting these haters dictate my life? Why am I letting them get in the way of me pursuing my dream? They have no interest in seeing me succeed, my family and people who believe in me are proud of what I’ve achieved and if I don’t believe in myself, I would’ve let them and myself down, tremendously. And looking at all the effort my friends and fans put in, in defending me, I would’ve let them down too if I were to quit now.

A good friend of mine had this to say,
“You set your own limitations, don’t let other people tell you what you can or can’t do. Listen to what you think is necessary and screw the rest of them who have too much free time on their hands.” This is gonna be my mantra from now on.

I’m not gonna go on attack mode and accuse some of you as being low-lives and just jealous at seeing someone achieve some sort of a success and trying to push people down so you can feel better about yourselves, I know, it’s human nature, but instead I have to thank you all, because you’ve made me stronger and you’ll be my driving force to become a better person – to not criticize other people nonchalantly (because boy we know we’ve all done it), to not let what other people say about me define me as a person and to believe in myself and do well in the job that I was hired to do.

I’ve decided to blog again because I like it! I like to write about what’s happening in my life and some people still find it interesting. And I’m not gonna let a couple of bad eggs ruin the whole chicken coop! Because the chicken coop sure as hell has a whole lot of good things going on right now!! Stay tuned for more!!


p/s: Thank you everyone for all the sweet birthday wishes!

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  1. Anonymous

    Things that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! I’m sure you’ll be getting better and better!

    happy belated birthday, hope you had a great bday.

  2. amandabambi

    It’s really great to see you rise so strongly above all the negatives surrounding you from jealousy. =] There will always be jealous and conniving people but never let them bring you down. I saw you hosting a couple of shows on tv when I was back in KL during the summer holidays and I did not think anything negatively about your skills as a host at all, rather I thought you were great =]

  3. albnok

    I will only scream “traitor!” because I realized at the first live SYTYCD just recently that you went over there. No wonder I thought I saw somebody who looked like you.

  4. cyberred

    being in the limelight will definitely have its ups and downs; it depends on which side you want to look at it. You’re a great girl and got tons of potential so don’t let those trolls get you (there are reasons why they’re called throlls too, ohmygawd auntie speech here)


  5. Anonymous

    You know after watching you in ‘Teman’, i thought you were just another pretty face which is going to be on Quicken. But after watching you in Quickie, you prove me wrong. you are simply more than just good looks. Good work. Love the Step sister outfit..wahahaha…. take care. 

  6. mamoyo

    Kimmik and I once said to each other “Belinda is gonna go a long way with her sweet attitude”

    … and it is true! Look! You’ve gathered yourself up in the wake of some thoughtless criticisms but you know you’re unique and special.

    Love love Bel!

  7. miss_anj

    bel, we love you and miss you. your down to earth-ness is what we love most! don’t lose it and don’t worry about what other people say. you can’t please everyone!!!

  8. Anonymous

    your entry sounds so “Ms-Universe-speech”…
    so much for not wanting to get into the attack mode when you are totally doing it INdirectly.
    i think you sound fine in quickie and i always think that you’re pretty and fun. do not get too defensive.

    read your second last paragraph lady… wtf. dont say it if you dont wanna get into your “attack mode” or accuse anyone… sigh


  9. teenEd

    Hell (again) Bel. It has been a long time since I drop a comment. Can i say ‘Thank you’ to you? Your blog helps me to go through what you are got through. I must say, you are brave at standing up on those ‘attackers’. I was attacked by lotsa people in my work place as I have strange accent and speak funnily due to my voice which (of course) lowered my self-esteem. Your blog taught me to be ‘not be afraid of very unique’. Thanks again! *hugs* God bless

  10. Anonymous

    Hey Bel… Welcome to the world of living in the spotlight. Its very tough. I remember the 1st time I received criticism from a viewer. I was heart broken! There are a lot of people who will live vicariously off the lives of those they see in the media. Constantly watching your every, just hoping for you to miss a step and fall. Its sad, but it will always happen. Its great to see you take it in stride. You are a great host, most important of all, you yourself must never doubt that. Another important thing I learned, yes, from E Channel too: “Only 2 things will happen when you wrestle a pig …. You will get dirty and the pig will have fun!” Hahahahaha.

  11. Anonymous

    Hei Bel…. u know….when ppl start gossiping about u or talk about u…….u will then, know u have made it and ppl wans to talk about u….If u r a nobody……no one cares to even talk bad….so, in some way…its a good thing!!

    **Cheerz….and Hugz……..

    Nora (Kch)

  12. Lim_shann

    Yeah Bel you must have confidence in yourself and you can do it for sure if you believe you can! Accept every criticisms people make towards you but not necessarily following what they say about you blindly, you yourself will only know whether you’re on the right way and now you’ve made the right decision! ^_^ I’m pretty sure that you will achieve what you want in your career everything and in the future & I’m happy to see you on Quickie too! *God bless*   

    I like your voice actually~haha..

    Best regards from SHann


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