Wednesday May 23, 2007

~Go Shorty~ It’s my Birthday~!!

I had a couple of different celebrations last weekend. On the day itself, I had lunch with a friend from Singapore, dinner with mum and dad and Joe, then it was off to work! The crew surprised me by getting everyone at Ruums KL to sing me a birthday song!! I was so touched, I was on the verge of tearing, but I witheld the tears coz I still had to host the rest of the show!! Thank you so much guys!!

Then, there was a lil party at SOMO on Friday night. It was supposed to be a lil get together with just my closest friends and work people but as more and more people wished me happy birthday, I felt obliged to invite them as well so it sorta became a medium sized party. hehehe… I was betting with Joe that I will not allow myself to get drunk on that night but I guess I was just really happy and everyone was having a great time that yes, I allowed myself to be fed lots and lots of alcohol. I had my first hangover ever on Saturday, it was such a horrible feeling I’ve decided not to drink ever again!!

The whole Saturday was a blur, I had to go for a casting in the afternoon( I went in still feeling drunk! Doubt I’ll be getting that job!! hehehe…), and then I had to go for Joe’s niece’s birthday party that night. On Sunday, I had dinner with the rest of my family, it was sort of a belated Mother’s Day dinner as well as my belated birthday dinner. It was the best weekend I’ve ever had in a long time. Thank you everyone for making it great!

Here’s a slew of pictures from the party on Friday night.
With Ken, the owner of SOMO. He was also my party planner, I didn’t need to do anything and everything went perfectly! He prepared a small buffet of Japanese snacks for us, he bought me a cake and even threw in a slideshow of pictures he took early on the party!! I can’t thank you enough for a great party Ken!! Guys, if you haven’t been to SOMO, you have to check it out. It’s just next to Coffee Bean at Mont Kiara, opposite Plaza Mont Kiara. Every Wednesday is Single’s night, so if you’re single, go there to mingle with the coolest people around!! heheheh…..

1.8l of Beer…..

Happy Birthday to me!!

Friends who came….
Adam and Azana

Aishah and her hubby and Andy


Azana and Kanch

Aishah and gang

Ken and Joyce

My college and hangout buddies, Jing, Christina, Kok Hong and a really red Joe (as usual, after a couple of drinks)


With the whole 8TV crew plus Joyce. Aishah, Rina, Moi, Razif, Amrita, Joyce and Tania.

My cuzzie, Hui


The Tequila shot that killed me……

Of course there are a lot of other pictures, incriminating pictures of me not being able to hold my head up…hahaha… but rest assured, they will not come up on my blog. My age is not exactly a secret, but I don’t feel 25. It’s quite hard to believe actually that I’m already quarter of a century old. I don’t look or dress like I’m 25 I think, and I don’t act like an adult, most of the time anyways, either.

I really can’t thank everyone enough for making my birthday such a memorable one. I initially didn’t want to plan anything at all and let the day pass as it is, but I’m glad I did and I’ll be forever grateful to all my friends and family who’ve made it such a wonderful weekend!


0 comments on “Wednesday May 23, 2007

  1. Plat_Du_Jour

    Hey Bel!

    I called yesterday during the Jaclyn Victor thing

    Sorry I was so nervous!

    Oh btw, I’m Sandra aka anonymous girl who gave u the erm..constructive critism

  2. Anonymous

    happy belated bday! dear, to avoid a bad hangover next time.. do not mix the alcohol? haha.. wine, beer and hard liquor all together = hangover

    anyway, it is good to see you bloging again.. here is something for you to always keep in mind….

    “never be upset with what you have no control over, be your best and the rest is set”… good luck.

  3. MeChelle_DoLLz

    Bel Happy Birthday!

    Don’t let those negative people let you down. It’s a fact of life, when you’ve a certain level of success in life or is thrown into the limelight by whatever it may be there are always people critisizing. And like you’ve said let it make you stronger. And no, everyone doesn’t hate you – I wouldn’t be writing this to you and your site wouldn’t have generated so many visitors nor would you be the host of such wonderful shows (I’m in Australia now so I couldn’t enjoy them) if you were.

    I am fan of yours and seeing a fellow malaysian gifted with such beauty and personality have made me so proud of my country and yourself. And please do continue blogging, you’d be surprised by the number of times I’d come to visit your site and get inspired to do more with my life. You are a great inspiration and so down to earth which makes you all the more relatable.

    I wish you all the best in all you do! And hapy birthday once again


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