Thursday June 14, 2007

I’m officially a “Celebrity”!!


Not in the real sense of the word, but I’m now officially a member of Celebrity Fitness!! I received my half a year membership this week and hopefully I’ll be hitting the gym soon! Thanks to Erik and Mike and everyone at Celebrity Fitness for making this happen. Since I stopped swimming, I haven’t been exercising at all! I guess I’m lucky that at this point in my life, I still have a high metabolism rate and I can still eat whatever I want and not put on the pounds, but I can certainly feel the lack of evergy and just feeling sluggish all the time because I haven’t been sweating it out. Now that I have a gym to go to, I’m gonna get back on the treadmill and work on my stamina and energy level (and at the same time try to tone up my butt ) and also try out all the interesting classes that are on offer. Anyone up to working out with me?

Sorry I haven’t been updating for a while now. I’ve been busy for the past couple of weeks with TVC and magazine shoots, events and not forgetting, the NOKIA N95 Wireless Adventure. Sponsored by Nokia, this race was my little taste of what the Amazing Race might’ve felt like because for one weekend, we were running around KL, figuring out clues and completing tasks in the hopes of winning a trip to Europe. The 3 episode long show will be on air on 8TV starting this 20th June so don’t miss out ok? I lead Team 6/Purple, and we were the only team with 3 girls and 1 guy.

xTeam 6017
Team 6 consisting of Ravind, journalist from The Star, myself, Jade, a designer and Phoebe, an advertiser. We were apparently the loudest group!! What do you expect from 3 girls??

xTeam 6082
Us at the prize giving ceremony. You’d have to tune in to this 3 part adventure on 8TV to find out which team won.

I haven’t ran so much in a while now so after the race, my legs were both so sore I couldn’t walk or stand properly for 2 days!! All in all it was great fun and we all got a new Nokia N95 from participating in the race. All the above race pictures were taken with the phone’s 5MP digital camera.

I also had one of the nicer photoshoot (in terms of styling) for Citta Bella magazine recently. Makeup was done by the very cute, Taki Chegne and hair by Derrick Cheong, both makeup and hairstyling experts from the Pick a Brush workshop. We did 3 different looks and I got to wear some funky hair extensions plus couture line from Gucci and Prada, which I absolutely loved!! Here are some behind the scene pictures. Remember to get a copy of Citta Bella magazine, July issue to check out the whole spread.

xTeam 6089-001
With the clip-on hair extensions. I loved it on me so much I wanted to keep it! But unfortunately, Derrick couldn’t give or sell the extensions to me coz they’re very hard to find and they’re really expensive.

xTeam 6096
I was wearing clip-on bangs for this one. Could you tell?

I’m also gonna be on ‘Mobile World’ magazine in July. I’m gonna be on the cover in fact!! I’m so excited!! My first cover after a while now. Hopefully the pictures will turn out nice.

The Adidas Originals Party at KLPAC. It was a cool garden party until it started raining. The dress code was Stylishly Sporty so I thought I’d bring out my Ms Selfridge shorts.
I brought 2 ‘bodyguards’ with me to the event that night. On the left is Jeff, whom I stared with in the TV Series (which until now, I have no idea if it’s already on air, or if it is still in editing or if it was waiting on a slot…) and on the right is Howard, the 15 year old budding star. You might’ve seen him in one of the Digi ads.

Last Wednesday, the whole Quickie team was at Sunway College for the 8TV Hotlink Youth Tour. Here’s a big shout out to all the Sunway College students who came and support us the other day, it was a long day but it was all fun! Isabel, I didn’t see you! You didn’t come say hi! We’ll be going to more colleges and Universities in coming months and we’ll be bringing the best local artiste to entertain you guys right in the comforts of your own campus! So look out for us ok?

And might I just add, I find this debate on whether I’ve had my nose done totally hilarious! Great effort on ‘Med Student’s’ behalf though. Your lecturer should give you an ‘A’ for the effort you put in to studying outside of class.

Ok, I got to end here! I can’t believe it’s already 5:30 am and I’m still wide awake!!


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  1. burnburn

    Celebrity Fitness… is that just a normal gym, or just for “celebrities”?
    hehehe. when i read it, i thought it was some reality get fit show that have celebrities compete!

    ooo, the N95! so cool. and cost so much here in Aus >.< $1000. I want one, just for it’s GPS capabilities.

    Clip on hair extension are cool. Girls are so lucky! :-p

  2. cherz_z

    omg.. they have clip on bangs? i wannnnnn! but u do look extremely gorgeous.. shouldve just chucked those extensions in your bag and run fast fast! hehehhe.. 🙂 anyway, stay real babes.. u rawk 🙂


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