Monday October 31, 2005

In a blink of an eye a whole year is nearly gone. I asked myself last night what have I done this year that’s been productive and I realised that I’ve bummed almost half the year away. Sad but true. But I hope that will change from now on.

Anyways, I have been busy the whole of last week. I just came back from Singapore last night, I’ll explain what for later on. But on Monday, a friend of a friend called and asked if i was interested in emceeing a modelling contest. So I said yes. He called again Tuesday night and told me that the event was Wednesday!! It was all put together really last minute and seeing that this was my first ever emceeing gig, I was excited and nervous at the same time. They also wanted me to be a correspondent for their up and coming TV for the Mobile Phone, MobTV, and cover the event. Only when i got to Zouk Wednesday afternoon that I found out it was the Search for the Elite Model Look Malaysia 2005!

Almost 100 over girls came for the auditions, most of them really tall. I interviewed almost all the girls during the auditions in the day and I emceed the competition at night. Out of the 100 over girls who auditioned, 20 were chosen for the semi-finals that night. Out of the 20, 5 were chosen to go to Singapore to compete in the finals and then only one was chosen to represent Malaysia in the Elite Model Look International 2005 in Shanghai and compete against 70 girls from 30 countries. I stumbled a little bit when I was emceeing that night, I was quite nervous, and they were quite a few prominent people in the industry there so I really wanted to impress. Before I elaborate any longer I guess i better put up some pictures.

Emcee me, in the same dress I wore to emcee the Sunway Ball. hehehe…

The 20 semifinalist

Me looking really ‘tall’ with the final 5 girls.

Joe, my cousin Hui, and some friends came over later to party at the Zouk’s main room, 80s night.

I guess I did impress a few people in the end and they offered to bring me to Singapore to cover the Malaysian and Singaporean Elite Model Look Finals for MobTV. Initially, Joe and I and Joe’s mum and sis had already planned to go down to Singapore on Thursday and come back down on Friday, so it was quite a coincidence. Anyways, I went down on Thursday with Joe and family and when they left, I stayed another night before meeting up with the crew and the girls on Saturday. The event in Singapore was so much more grand. It was also held at Zouk, the newly renovated Zouk S’pore Saturday night and it was opened to the public so it was jam-packed! I interviewed almost everyone there, from the 5 Malaysian girls, some of the Singaporean girls, to the Choreographer, the Elite Model Managament people to the audience… I’ve asked so many questions and talked so much for the past 2 days, I think i shall rest my throat for the rest of the week.

Team Malaysia! From Left, En Aziz Abu, one of Air Asia’s directors, Pn Norma Norrell, CEO of Elite Model Management Malaysia, Aesos Lai, Event Organiser and Producer, Tan Swee Yong, owner of Shabox and MobTV and yours truly holding the mic.

Hi! I’m Bel for MobTV!!

Our 5 finalist, from left: Gwen, Constance (behind), Ieza (In front), Fadzlun and Daphne. My personal favourite is actually Fadzlun, she’s pure Malay and she’s 5’11, has very nice features which i thought would be very exotic in Europe. But Gwen was chosen to represent Malaysia in the Elite International competition in Shanghai. She not too bad too but she has very oriental features and the judges from Elite Paris thought it was unique. I just feel that a lot of Chinese girls in Shanghai will look like her. But I wish her the best of luck!

The 16 Singaporean finalist

The winners that night, Gwen representing Malaysia, Stacey for Singapore and Gywneth for Philipines, she was invited to make an apperance that night.

I saved the best picture for last. Sorry it’s a bit dark. This is for all the girls out there, hehehe…. These 4 guys are finalist for Manhunt Thailand and they were invited to make an appearance as well. The guy at the back is hot and he speaks with a NZ accent. He was the only one who spoke english and i interviewed him!! hahaha

I’m a bit too long-winded sometimes. I shall just end here. Bel

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  1. miss_anj

    wow bel! emceeing! congrats!!! you look great too!! =D

    and so nice to see a pic of you and joe!  

    haha, those models are so taaaalll!! i didn’t realise how tall they were until the pic of you with them. kekeke

  2. yivontai

    Hi Bel…

    Great to see you get going again with new activities like emcee-ing !

    By the way, get this issue of Hot Magazine (Issue 33) Oct 29- Nov 11 2005

    Check out page 28, 29 & 34 …..

    *wink wink**

    p/s: had sent you an email earlier which contains the addy where u can send in ur CV and resume..

          did u get it ? Get me back on this ya …


  3. andyrascal

    Hey Bel, now you gotta introduce me to those lovely female models! hahaha

    Great to hear that you got an emceeing gig! But aiyo…same baju…hahahahah just kidding!

    Yivontai, saw your letter of the week in Hot Mag…..


  4. BelindaC

    Andy: Stop stalking me!! 😛 Were u there? I bumped into Shon there, he was dancing madly (I mean literally) with some girls on the podium!

    jitpunkia: mobTV is a new up and coming TV for the mobile phone. You pay like a subscription fee and you can watch mobTV from your 3G mobile!! Not out yet, coming soon!!

    smileformeplease: I co-emceed the Sunway Ball with Phat Fabes and all the other UVJs!! hehe…maybe that’s where you saw me? We went to Sunway College and made fools out of ourselves emceeing the Sunway Ball hype up at the college canteen few days before the ball as well.

  5. StonedEwok

    Hey Bel
    As if you’ve bummed the year away!

    Just looking at all your posts and everything you’ve done…it puts me to shame any day! The extent of my hard work has been chosing a car…lol

    You never stop do you 🙂 That MC gig looks super sweet, looks like you’ve got your feet firmly planted in the industry!

    well done Bel, congrats!


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