Saturday October 22, 2005

I didn’t end up cooking for the orphans after all, the professionals did it for us! (I didn’t lie Andy, it was just a last minute change in plans, I’m sure you were like totally glad coz you were planning to just fry eggs!! )The 4 of us- myself, Andy, Roshan and Vig -were there at the Grand Seasons Hotel last night entertaining(or being bullied, more like it) a whole bunch of kids from 2 different homes for a special ‘DeepaRaya’ Celebration organised by Hitz.Fm. It was a great experience, all of these kids looked so normal and happy but deep down it’s sad to know that they do not have a “home” to go back to. They got a whole bunch of gifts from the Hitz.Fm and Hitz.TV crew at the end of the night and they all went back with a full stomach and a couple of bags full of goodies.

I didn’t manage to find a scanner to scan my fashion spread but I captured a few shots on my digi cam. A bit poor in quality but just let me gloat just this once ok? hehehee….

That’s all folks!!

11 comments on “Saturday October 22, 2005

  1. w3sologist

    The kids are lucky! Hehehe.. =p

    Nice pictures! Alrite lar, they found the right model for them lar!

    Grand Seasons? Is it the one diagonally opposite Sentosa Hospital?

  2. teenEd

    i like the white top 8+ 10*grin* playing with kids muct b fun eventhough u r not cooking! Looking at the smile on their faces is good enough!! It meant alot for them! Cheers!


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