Monday September 26, 2005

Last night was the first elimination round on the UVJ Search. It waas pretty emotional. I’m generally a softie so as expected, I cried when Shon and Naz were eliminated.Although I am glad I’m still in the competition, I can’t help but wish that we can all work as VJs together, all 10 of us. hehehe… And it’s even harder knowing that in the end only 2 will be chosen.

Honestly, i get intimidated by all the other contestants, they’re all good in their own thing and sometimes i do feel a bit shaken and think that maybe I might not be good enough for this. But, I’ll give it my all and if I do fail, then I’ll just have to aim my sights at other things. But I can’t help but think…..weiii….all the other contestants have good things going on for them…..Xan is a successful freelance journalist n businesswoman, CrazyG has her further studies to look forward to, Anne has a good job at a record company, Andy has an up and coming band, so does Roshan, Josh is already on radio, and Vig, well…he gets lots of talent jobs and earns a lot from that. Bel…..she’s unemployed and living off her parents….still!! I need this job!! So please vote for me ok? hehehe……

Our wardrobe for the show is sponsored by Wh and I think the stylist is not making an effort with our clothes. My top for the last show made me look like an Ah Lian….and my recently coloured orange hair didn’t help discourage the image. I think I’m gonna colour it back darker. I so hate my hair right now I just feel like chopping it all off!! Either that or i’ll maybe get it relaxed (a type of rebonding for coloured, damaged hair). OK..I’m just blabbering on here…I have some pictures coming up from our emcee stint at the Sunway Ball last week.

The chiccas all dolled up!

Me, Xan and Shon the comedian, we miss you already Shon!!

All 9 of us…without Roshan

With Phat Fabes after the Ball at Cafe Flam


0 comments on “Monday September 26, 2005

  1. guggenheim

    Absolute bugger to have your hair dyed to a colour you don’t like aye. Well, good luck with your UVJ Seach. Understand it’s hard not to become a softie esp. when you are in the entertainment industry. Cheers.

  2. headup

    hi there, i’m a friend of andy’s as well as joyce and adam

    i think all of u guys deserve an equal chance at it. doesnt mean that they have good things going on for them u deserve it more! u may have other opportunities as well…

    btw i am pretty sure that u will get it la … if not 1st.. at least 2nd!



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