Monday October 3, 2005

I got my hair straighten today, relaxed was the word the stylist used. Now I don’t know what i regret more, the colour, or the straighten because with my hair straight, i look even more like an ah lian. Ahh…..decisions i make in haste…. I think i shall make myself regret the colour more because it cost less.

Well, last Sunday was Talent Time night. I screwed up my performance a bit coz I forgot a few words in the lyrics of the song I sang. I was quite pissed at myself for that because i really wanted to put out a perfect performance. I’ve been getting lots of comment lately about how I’m not standing out and I’m too quiet, not only from people commenting here but from my relatives and friends as well. Honestly, i do appreciate the comments but I also feel very disheartened by them, especially when they’re from close family members. It’s like, I want to know what other people think but I can’t help but let it get to me when people dislike me. But i guess that’s the whole point of being on TV and even worst, in a reality based program, to be scrutinize by the public and know that every little bit of you is being judged. I guess I’ll just have to try to relax and be myself more. Practice makes perfect right? The more I appear on TV the better I’d be. And if I still can’t please everyone…well…there’s nothing much I can do right?

Thanks again to all who have supported me all the way, I really do appreciate all your votes. I get a bit emotional when I think about the messages I’ve been receiving from people I don’t know wishing me luck and telling me that they’ve been voting for me. I guess i kinda know now when stars tell their fans that they love them, it’s all true because I do have a fondness for all of you who voted for me. Keep those votes coming!! Send UVJ Bel to 32888 or call 13703 on your fixed line! hehehe…sowwie..I can’t help but feel a bit bad because every entry of mine seems to be a campaign for more votes. But….I’m gonna campaign away and nobody can stop me because ~this is my blog and I’ll campaign if I want to~!! hahahha…so lame!!

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  1. luxeandco

    i think because they want you to win as badly as you want yourself to win, they perhaps think they have a right to tell you these things. but look at it this way: you’ve come so far already! that’s the awesome part! you just gotta play up what they loved about you in the first place. (damn i wish we had that cable show here so i could watch lol). good luck!

  2. w3sologist

    Yeah, it could be disappointing also to hear those comments, esp from your loved ones.

    But no worries, each & everyone’s perception is different. Take it positively, those could serve as your drive to work harder. Don’t lose heart, just give your best shot & trust me, you will never regret.

    By the way, your new display picture is very nice ler.

  3. miss_anj

    bel! good job on making it through the first round!! so proud of you!! =D

    don’t worry about it, just be yourself. i’m sure you’re doing a fab job! people are gonna love you for who you are!

    and your hair looks fine girl!!

    and what’s an “ah lian”??

  4. Rachtly

    aiyakk ahhah I straighten my hair, then I permed it curly. I regretted to perm cuz it was soo dry…then I straighten back again. Buhh straight hair is easier to take care..but I don think straight hair can have any special hair style like curly hair. See I miss my curls now loL!

  5. ro_mu_lus

    you’re right, that’s just the way it is in the entire tv industry business thingymajiggy. they’ll be ppl who will just criticise everything you do. nevertheless, you know you have our support (even though i can’t vote cos i’m here). you keep on doing your thing, and they’ll love you! you’ve come this far, and it just shows how much you have in you to have made it here. keep on striving, be yourself, and have a great time. 🙂

  6. BelindaC

    luxe: Thanks! I know they meant well but sometimes it’s hard to think of it that way. But yeah, i agree, I’ve come so far and I’ll try my best to go all the way.

    Yuri: Thanks! You coming again for this week’s show?:-)

    w3s: Thanks! hehehe….Seems like I’m just thanking everyone who’ve left me comments. Those baloons made an apperance at the show! hehe

    Anj: Are you in the States now? Ah Lian is a term we use for like ‘country bumpkin’ girls, don’t know what is the correct definition, but it’s girls with really blonde/orange hair, wearing very hongkie style clothings, with lots of dingly dangly accessories… hehehe…the male version of this is an Ah Beng.

    Rachtly: Wow…doesn’t it hurt your hair getting it straightened then curled then straightened again? I don’t dare to do anything with my hair now coz I’m afraid it might just snap in the ends like a twig!! hehehe… They told me I shouldn’t tie my hair that much now so I guess that’s the downside that i can’t have anymore funky hairstyles.

    Rom: Thanks for your support! I can feel it all the way from Manchester!! hahaha….;-P

  7. teenEd

    hi! You don’t know me and I don’t really know you..except that you were once taken care by the same babysitter as I am *grin* and in the same high school. Been following up with your UVJ thingy blog though I can;t watch them..hey is the critisism that makes you stronger ^_^ don’t give up! I am sure all your friends will be there supporting you. Being to LOUD is not good nor being too quiet. Try to relax and be yourself as much as possible coz that shows the real Bel everyone knows, yes?? Take care. Will continue to pray for you! Be strong, okie?? ALl the best!! =)

  8. louyau

    The day you stepped into the class … i’ve already knew … you are a performer 🙂 Just Be Yourself … go girl … you still have alots ahead. As long as you keep updating … that’s fine.

  9. BiLLAB0NG__BAB3

    hey bel ! i found your blog somewhere . lol .

    anyway i really hope u win ! seriously . dont change anything . we love u for who u are . ! all the best girl . u rock \m/

    brenda <33333333


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