Monday October 10, 2005

It’s crunch time!! Well, I’ve managed to pull through to the finals. CrazyG and Anne were eliminated last night and now it’s down to the 5 of us – Andy, Bel, Roshan, Vig and Xan. I want to thank you all for the support and all the votes you’ve given me so far and for this week, I need all the extra support I can get! It’s gonna be a career kick-start, life-changing, decider show this Sunday. 2 out of the 5 of us will be the next Hitz.TV VJs and I really hope I am one of the 2. So please, please vote for me!!

Type UVJ Bel & send it to 32888!
or Call 13703 on your fixed line!

I shall buy you all a drink if I win! hehehe…

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  1. w3sologist

    “RM0.5;Thank you for your vote. Tune into HITZ.TV for more updates. T&C Apply. Refer to

    As you can see, I’ve just done so. As for the drink, no need lar. Just as long as you can win it, I am happy for you. So, make sure you do your best ar! Don’t disappoint us, kay? Hehe, hope this will not pressurise you, instead, serve as a motivation. So, GO FOR IT! At this time, just make sure you eat,sleep,drink & shit well.

    All the BEST!

    *Psssst, can I vote more than one time?

  2. StonedEwok

    omg Bel, the final 5! how crazy…

    I have a good feeling 🙂 you’re gonna be a star, so much for the rest of us Media bums, lol

    Sorry I didn’t get a chance to catch up with you in Malaysia, Miri is just too small and too far away 😛

    Also, I didn’t even manage to see Hitz TV while I was over there!! So many VJ comps, but I couldn’t see yours, lol

    All the best, take care and good luck!!!

  3. BelindaC

    kuachee: I left you a comment on your xanga. Remember to vote!!

    w3s: Of course you can vote more than once!! The more the better! hehehe..thanks! I will try to shit well. 🙂

    kamkuey: Thanks! You’re most welcomed to vote more than once. :-p

    Yuri: Yup….fun and nerve wrecking.

    Matt: Are you back in Sydney? How was your trip? Tell me all about it!!!

  4. aPpLeGwEeN

    Hey, good luck girl. Only saw yah once on TV 2 weeks ago when I went back to Kuching and I voted for ya of course. =)

    How I wish I can still vote from here..

    Anyway, all the best! 

  5. miss_anj

    oh yay bel!! final 5 so quick!! are they gonna kick 3 ppl out all in one go?!

    i think you’ll definitely make it. no worries!!! hahaha, don’t you dare get that worried look on your face, cuz you’re gonna win!!!


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