Monday October 17, 2005

Congratulations to Xan and Andy!!!

Well, I didn’t win. (Hurray to the anonymous who rejoiced in my lost…You know your words actually hurt me and I don’t even know you….so…thanks for that) I am quite disappointed but am looking at the bright side of things. I’m proud of myself and it has been a great and fun experience. I’ve tried my best and if it wasn’t meant to be, it wasn’t meant to be.

A lot of people have been asking me what’s next. Well, I plan to still pursue this VJing/hosting thing but in the meantime, I might have to sustain myself with a proper day job. hehehe…. Meanwhile, while looking for a job, i might take a short vacation! (Like the search wasn’t vacation enough!!)

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who’ve been voting for me. I’m really really grateful for all the support I’ve gotten throughout this competition and I’m really sorry if I let you guys down in any way. I will keep on trying!! Thanks to everyone who has sent me consolation messages, it was so very nice of you all, but I’m alright, and I know they’ll be better things coming my way!! Stay tuned!! hehehe….

Thank You and I Love You All!!!

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  1. jeszika

    hey bel, this might be weird coming from a stranger like me. but voting reality shows like this are never really representative of who truly deserved to win. i haven’t watched a single episode of this VJ hunt thing, but just from reading your blog, i imagine you would’ve been right on the money. 🙂

  2. mamoyo

    hey sweets, better and greater things will come ur way. was expecting u to win, was hearing lotsa votes going in for u from friends. hugs. dont give up k.

  3. w3sologist

    Hi there again..

    Am very glad to see such positive attitude being exhibited by you.. Am also very happy to see the professionalism that you’ve shown..

    From my heart, “BRAVO! You’ve done a very very good job..”

    Yeah, staying tune.. & looking forward for your upcomings in near future.. ALL THE BEST!

    P.S : I like that very much, ‘massage massage’ huh.. That was just so spontaneous & my whole family was really laughing at that.. Oh yeah, the “Buka Puasa” by Roshan was also quite good..

  4. yivontai

    Dear Bel…

    I was so much expecting its either you or Andy gonna win !

    I get Andy but Xan??? Hmm…sorry but i dont really fancy that girl

    Kinda dissapointed that u dont win 🙁

    Anyway , u are still a winner to me…

    Wish u all the best …i am sure you will do well upcoming modelling or VJ-ing or DJ-ing …

    try Fly. Fm? 🙂 I can help if you want …..

    Cheers Bel…..

  5. kimmik82

    hey Bel, didn’t get to watch the show at all as dad always hogs astro at night.

    but reality shows (i reckon this is one of its genres) are never fair, and it all comes down to the audience’s personal preference rather than the presenter’s ability.

    don’t take heart, i think i heard over radio today that Hitz.Fm’s looking for someone. perhaps 8tv might want you back (if u want to go back lah)?

  6. Sabrinavun

    At least u’ve done what u’ve always wanted to do. Don’t worry..I am sure there will be a brighter future for u since lotsa ppl saw u on Astro. Phone calls gonna start coming in asking u to do modelling, vj-ing, etc..Cheer up..

  7. narada

    aww bel!!
    good job anyway! we’re so proud of you that you got to the finals!!! dont worry, i’m sure you’ll definitely make it anyway, with all the exposure you’ve gotten from the show!

    hmm…a short vacation? sydney is pretty fabulous this time of year!! come home and visit us!!! =D

  8. miss_anj

    bel! ahhaha crap, that last msg is from me!
    i’m using narada’s computer and i didn’t realise he was signed in under his name when i epropped! kakakaka

  9. teenEd

    Elo..I’m so sorry to hear about the news! But hey…maybe there’s another better opportunity…even better than this UVJ search thingy ^_^ Now you got the experience from the competition..I’m sure you are well-recognise among the people now and you managed to enter the finals. At least u know your family and friends have been always supporting you and love you, yes?? Take care! Keep on blogging and all the best!!

  10. BelindaC

    marboy, noodi, jeszika, mamoyo, w3s, sabrina, kamkuey, teenEd: Thanks for all the words of encouragement. Like i said, I won’t give up so soon so watch out for me ok? ehhhe…

    yivon: Hey!! I actually got your email but i accidently trashed everything in my inbox. So sorry!! Can you email me again so i can save your email? I would love to work with!! How can you help? Let me know ok? Appreciate it!

    kimmik82: Thanks! But I don’t think I’ll go back to 8TV, not sure if i’m still up to doing production. Looking for something along the lines of PR or marketing or up front. 🙂 What are you doing now?

    Andy: So are you willing to give me your spot?? hehhehe…just kidding la…..You and Xan got it fair and square. I’ll be fine…*sob*sob* 🙁
    Dinner tomorrow.

  11. LSCentral

    hi belinda! =)

    you look great on tv! =) i really did not follow the UVJ thing very much but when i saw the parody thingy you guys did, i rolled on the floor laughing. You caught my eye while you were playing the mini piano with feathers flying in the background =) Very cute =)

    haha =) i instantly became a fan =) You have a very innocent face, might i add =) You remind me of this chinese presenter [malaysian, of course]. I’ve no idea what’s her look like her in some ways =)

    I was devastated that you didn’t win too…but who knows…there may be something greater installed for you =) All in God’s super timing =)

    Don’t feel down, yeah?! =)


  12. ro_mu_lus

    hey bel. sorry to hear the news. i was sure rootin’ for you to win! but glad that you’re remaining positive. that’s the kind of attitude that will get one ahead in the game. btw, i just read joycethefairy’s xanga site, and even she said that she thought you deserved to win. my friend who got to watch the show also said that you were their favourite to win. 🙂 but it’s over and i’m sure you’ve learnt so much from this experience. i wish you all the best in your future endeavours, and i’m sure you’ll do great. 🙂

  13. StonedEwok

    awww man, i’m slow on the news…

    but that really bites!

    i was already showing off to people i know about you being a malaysian superstar (and how the rest of us media bums are…well bums, haha) i’m such a name-dropper, lol

    i’m sure something else rad will come along, it seems nothing’s too hard for ya!

    all the best bel!

    Selamat Malan (is that right?)

  14. kimmik82

    Doing marketing for a Kuching tertiary education tuition provider now, might be switching soon though, in the process of applying for a KL writing job.

    Uh. PR and marketing.. i might know someone. Any preference as to what kinda company? Kuching Hilton wants a PR person, but I reckon you wouldn’t wanna come back to work =)

  15. CheeDane

    Winner with medal doesnt mean the real winner ….
    Not to say who is the best…the number one…
    it’s unfair to the others …
    for me…all of you have done your best…all of you are the winners…
    i’ve voted you…
    you’re the best in my heart…
    you’re the vj i wanna see…
    wish you can appear in my tv every single day…
    and i’m just looking at your show… 😛
    cheers up!

    P/S: a bit late huh?! hahaha!! tho i still haven’t speak out my feeling~ i’m done


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