Rev Up with Revive Isotonic!

There’s this contest going on which I’ve been alerted to, the Rev Up with Revive Isotonic Contest. I’ve heard it being mentioned over the radio a couple of times before and that you’ll get a chance to win RM1000 every week and a grand prize of RM5000 just by submitting a video or a photo of your most ‘Rev-ed Up’ moment – a moment when ordinary activities (which involves movements) transformed into extraordinary moments of pure fun!!

At first, I didn’t give two thoughts about it, but after a friend suggested that I submit my driving on the pedestrian pathway video, I thought…. since I already have it, why not? 🙂 I can fix all the dents I have on my car with 1000 buckaroos! (Those dents were not from driving on the pathway, ok?;P )

So I did a little editing, put on a nice little soundtrack and wah lah!! My submission for the contest.

All you need to do now is to vote for me!! Go to Revive’s Facebook fan page (, be a fan and vote, vote and vote!!

Click here to vote for my video on Facebook!

Or, you can also submit your very own photo or video!! It’s still not too late! Just follow the step by step guideline on the Facebook page! 🙂

This is going to be my final post for the year 2009. Hope you’re all ‘Rev-ed Up’ for 2010 and do stay tuned for my next post, next year!!! Happy New Year everyone!!

Love, Bel

2 comments on “Rev Up with Revive Isotonic!

  1. Sara

    Hey Bel,
    I think you did really well:) The background music was right, the highlights are rather interesting… and ya all in in all it was a good try:) Kudos for ya!:) Keep it up. Looking forward for your next clip:)

  2. emma

    hi belinda!
    very nice video…just that the camera is a lil bit shaky…makes myeyes go dizzy…haha… but overall..WELL DONE!
    oo ya..the show u did with nicholas teo-‘SEOUL’ is really nice too!
    have fun!



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