It’s a Belle World! Ep. 1 – Singapore

Hi all! Hope you’ve all had a wonderful new year thus far!

Today I’m really excited because I can finally share with you guys a little project I’ve been working on since last month! If you ask any TV host, their dream hosting job would definitely be to host a travel show. You get paid to travel and do all the fun things and eat all the great food, who wouldn’t want to do that? I had my fair share of the dream life when I hosted 2 seasons of ‘Teman’ and also for some of the work travels I did for Quickie, but I wanted more!!

Anyways, this idea came to me one day, after my contract with the Quickie ended, of all places, while I was in the shower! I like to day dream (or sing really loud) when I’m in the shower and I thought, hey, wouldn’t it be nice to produce and host my own travel show? And then, it came to me, I have the skills, I have the know-how to produce and edit and host my own travel show, AND I’ll be traveling quite a fair bit for the next couple of months…. why don’t I do my own travelogue, albeit on a smaller scale, for my website?

So i brainstormed for a couple of minutes and came up with a whole lists of things I could do with the show and came up with a name and a week later, I started shooting with my old video cam (and re-used an old DV tape, which I now regret) when I went to Singapore, came back and started slowly putting the pieces together and today….. I have the very first episode of ‘It’s a Belle World’ to show everyone!

The picture quality is pretty bad, and the tape was scratchy (because I re-used an 8 year old tape), and in retrospect, because it was my first attempt, it lacked a few opening/closing shots here and there, but you know what, I’m proud of it and I’m proud of myself for going through with it. Joe thought it would be just a spur of the moment thing, but although I had a few outside jobs that kept me busy, I was motivated to see this through and I really think it could be something if I really try to make it work.

For now, this is my personal account, I paid for this whole trip myself, none of the establishments featured paid me money to showcase them (although this might be a plausible idea for future episodes….hehehe) and it’s all done in the name of fun and also to brush up on my production skills. ‘It’s a Belle World’ has double meaning – Bel, is my nickname and Belle is beautiful in French. So let’s see Bel’s Beautiful world right now!!

Please wait for it to finish loading before viewing it in its entirety. I’ve already compressed it to its smallest but still viewable format for all to enjoy. Please do leave your comments!!

It’s a Belle World Ep. 1 – Singapore from Belinda Chee on Vimeo.

Love, Bel

38 comments on “It’s a Belle World! Ep. 1 – Singapore

  1. crystal

    hai Belinda,

    the first episode quite good especially the zoo part…. at least learn some new facts… i love the way u host the travelogue… waiting for ur 2nd episode….

    love, crystal

  2. nicholson c

    hi belinda, it’s my first time commenting on your blog πŸ™‚ just want to tell you that you have such an amazing blog, very very interesting as it involves alot of travelling activities & places to go..β€˜It’s a Belle World’ is a greatest thing you ever came up with so far.. honestly i do think that you are inspiring too! keep up all the great works! will be supporting you always and looking forward for more from you, happy new year πŸ™‚

  3. Elaine

    Hello Belinda,

    Congratulation! Great job on your web travelogue.
    Keep it up on your good work.
    I can’t wait for your next episode of “It’s a Belle World”.

  4. Eudora

    Hi Belinda,

    Thanks for sharing on your travelogue. I love traveling as much as you do, so I’m looking forward to more episodes! πŸ™‚


  5. Cmate

    Hey Bel!

    Nice first attempt. Love the video, but thought your voice-over narration sounded a little too automated. Let loose and be yourself, it would be much more fun that way, and less documentary-feel to it. Keep up the good work, gal!


  6. natalie

    Hi Belinda:)

    The video is really good:) the soundtracks were very suitable and u are a good narator… hope to see more!

  7. Azli

    Hai bel, eppy new year to you n family 1st time sy komen org hehe but u mmg the best well done good luck untuk setiap ape yg u buat k..lg satu ank u mmg comel mcm u hehehe

  8. fido

    Hi Bel,

    That’s a nice start. I think you will do this very well, just need to get all the support part worked out. Love to see you back on the screen. πŸ™‚ Keep up with the great work.

  9. lorraine

    hi Belinda,

    Great work I must say. I enjoyed the video from start to end. Can’t wait for more episodes to come.

    kudos and happy new year!


  10. madeleine

    hello belinda!

    Man can I say that was a pretty good job. I certainly am looking forward to the next coming episodes! Keep up the good job and it certainly did look like some professionally done shows.

  11. goingkookies

    Interesting first epi! Can’t wait to see more.

    It’s a good show of Orchard’s christmas lights display for those who’s never been there!!

    But I have to agree with Cmate that u do sound rather automated at some points. Perhaps in time, u’ll be more comfy and more urself..

    i love how u fill in the background music. Interesting and light. Suits the video very well! =)

  12. michelle

    Hi Bel!

    Well, Damsey Hill? Correct me if i’m wrong. Yup, didn’t I know there is such place at SG. I will surly visit there!

    Thanks for sharing and looking forward for your next travelogue.

    Take care and God bless you and your family!


  13. zen

    HI BEL…
    my honest comment….=D

    u sounds a bit different..too formal i guess..

    and ur travelogue is nice but to me it is abit brief about everything and a bit dead.
    maybe u can hyped up abit …

    hmm…by getting in touch with the singaporean locals..and maybe they could bring u to some place interesting as they are more knowledgeable about their home country…

    it is a good try though!!!! kepp it up BEL!!!=D

  14. Belinda

    Hi everyone! Thanks for all your comments!! My next episode will be a little closer to home, am working on it right now. Hopefully can put up by next week. πŸ™‚

    michelle, it’s actually spelled Dempsey Hill. You should go check it out next time you’re in Singapore. Lots of places to eat there as well.

    lynn, unfortunately I won’t be going to Korea anytime soon. And btw, it is snowing like crazy there right now. I think it might still be quite cold when you go in March! The one place I’d recommend you to go, if you’re going to Seoul, is the N Seoul Tower. Can see the whole Seoul from there! Enjoy!!


  15. Elean

    Hi Bel,

    Congratulation & well done on your jobs! You really have the talent! Keep it up!

    Can’t wait for the coming episode. πŸ™‚

  16. JaSoN

    On the star newspaper which is on tuesday 5 january, u stated there that u have plans to be a mum. Is it true and if it is i hope u will enjoy motherhood when u have your child

  17. JaSoN

    I am a big fan of yours and love u on the korean show with nicholas teo.I was full of praisefor u and u were were amazing in korean and ur chinese was so fluent. hope u will have ur own travelling show soon. Looking forward to it

  18. JaSoN

    Hope u will have a smooth time learning mandarin for ur up coming TV series. I’m awaiting to see u on the big screen soon.

  19. madeleine

    I will be going to singapore to study and the very last time I went there was probably 3 years old? So I basically cant remember a thing about singapore. Any recommendation about stalls where you can get cheap and nice food? haha I need to save =)

  20. Adam C

    Hey Bel!

    Saw you in Astro today πŸ˜›

    Nice initiative doing the show, good job πŸ˜€

    dropping by and saying aloha,


  21. Jason C.

    Well done for a personal effort. I echo all the previous comments – keep it up. We would like to see more of Belle World soon. All the best and Happy New Year!

  22. Debbie

    You’re good really! The background musics were coordinated perfectly.
    And the soundtrack at the beginning and ending of the clip sounds familiar.

  23. Jill Pung Clifford

    Hi Bel,

    Happy New Year – interesting idea for 2010! Would be great to see more in the next Episode of Welcome to Belle’s World – Through Bel’s Eyes.

    Let us know when you do drop by Melbourne, Down Under sometimes.

    Jill (PS: We went to the same high school back in Kch)

  24. Mei

    Hey babe!! Good job~! Very well done for the first attempt, and a self production, I’d have to say.

    The narration bit sounds kinda “read” and rehearsed, but the rest I thought were really good. This is, coming from a non-experienced person like me.. hahahahh.

    Anyways, I reckon you’ve come a long way from when you first started, and keep it up! Hope 2010 will be a great year for your health, new family, career, wealth… well, everything! heheh.

  25. MissyCheerio

    Hey Bel!

    A very interesting video,should have more of it. πŸ™‚ A self production ain’t easy,and not to mention the amount of knowledge required to pull the whole thing together. Are we by any chance related?

    Not many Chee’s around.

  26. amelia tham

    Hey Bel,

    You’re awesome. You’re so busy and you even have time to make this “It’s a Belle World” travelogue. You’re my inspiration. I wanna do that too! Some day. =D



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