Saturday April 1, 2006

Forever21 is opening soon at 1Utama!!!! I can’t wait! I love their stuff!!! I first found the brand, which originated from the States and apparently owned by Malaysians, in Singapore early last year and I’m addicted. I spent $600 Sing dollars all in one instance at their shop at Plaza Atria, so I can’t wait for it to open here!! My orange tube dress was from there, my green polka dot tube which I wore to Melaka was from there as well, what else, my black halter dress…I can’t think right now, I have lots of dressy tops from them, they have really nice dressy tops. Dollar to dollar, the clothes are very cheap!!! I mean you can actually get a dress for an average price of like US 30 dollars!! I mean……where can you get a decent looking dress here for RM30??? Even in Singapore, the tops are priced averagely about $40 and the dresses about $80. I have a feeling though, that the price of the clothes when it reaches our shores, in terms of just numbers are going to put me off buying too much. Just like Topshop, some tops there are like 16 pounds but when it’s converted, plus taxes and all……it’s like RM120! I mean imagine if you earn 2000 pounds in the UK and you earn that same amount here in ringgit, how many more tops can you get in the UK with that money man!!! Our cost of living is so much freakin higher!!!
Anyways, if you are or know anyone who’s working in Forever21, please consider sponsoring me and the new show on Hitz.TV!! I’ll wear your clothes everywhere, to events, to press conferences, to shoots, shopping, yum-cha-ing, I’ll advertise it everywhere!! hehehehe…… Please call me. Here’s my ode to Forever21 if more proof is needed on how crazy I am for their stuff…..

My Forever21 Hall of Fame

The ‘overused’ Orange tube and Black halter dresses which have made numerous appearance at events, weddings and one music video.

That grey sequined top made its way onto Blast Off’s promotional pictures as well…

The turquoise halter which made it to the cover of the Malay Mail Motoring Section . (I look pregnant in this picture….)

This Newspaper Boy Hat and this picture was my profile pic for a while on Xanga.

The casual-polka dot-long-tube top, made its first appearance in one of the UVJ search episodes and it returned in Melaka!

Hehehe….that was fun…an entire blog about Forever21! How self-absorbed am I??

p/s: and to my gang in Sydney, there is a possibility that I might be going back next week!!! Will keep you guys informed! Fingers and toes crossed!

0 comments on “Saturday April 1, 2006

  1. miss_anj

    and H&M is cool! haha, i love that store.

    and yes, forever 21 is crazy. i went in san francisco, the store was 4 levels and packed with rack after rack after rack of clothes!!!

  2. metamorphosis_99

    you’re very pretty! I love forever 21 too. Value for money dressy clothes! But their prices are sorta jacked up in singapore as well. It’s supposed to be dirt cheap in US.

  3. leblue7

    Dirt dirt cheap! Was pretty excited myself when I knew they were opening in 1U. But I guess the $8 tops (sale) won’t be making an appearance here!


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