Wednesday March 29, 2006

I’m feeling very happy today!!! Things are finally looking up and I’m glad I didn’t give up when I thought it might not work out! I just found out that I’m in for another hosting gig with Hitz.TV and I’m estatic about it!!! Also, when I thought that I was down with luck and will not be able to get any jobs, it all came at once! I got 2 emceeing jobs and an ad shoot all last weekend. I’m pooped out now because the first emceeing gig was on Friday afternoon and I was up all Thursday night writing my script for that and practicing. It was the first press conference that I got to emcee and it was very formal, I had to wear a suit!! I didn’t even own a suit, I had to go buy one!! We had royalty VVIPs and all, so I was quite nervous with protocol and all that. Then on Friday night, I stayed up late again to prepare my script for the next emceeing gig for Nike on Saturday night – which was so much more fun and informal. I didn’t get much sleep and the Nike event was from 4pm-10pm after which I went straight for my ad shoot which started at midnite and ended only at 9 am Sunday morning!!! I slept in all Sunday but then on Monday, I had to start recording Joe and mine Amazing Race Asia audition video and I only finished editing it all this morning at 6 am! Yes!We’ve decided at the very last minute to just give it a go. I just sent the lot off the express post today, hopefully it’ll reach by Friday. (Sorry to disappoint you Kwang, but you’re in for competition!!! hehehehe….) And later this morning, I have to up early again to go renew my passport! I’m definately going to take this weekend easy.

My happiness was slightly dampened when I checked my blog though. In reply to my anonymous friend who thinks that I have a bad attitude and do not appreciate my friends, well, I think if you really are my friend, you will be able to vouch that I am a good friend and I do appreciate each and every one of you deeply! Maybe I don’t say thank you enough so thank you for reminding me. I just don’t understand, sometimes I guess it’s easier to be ignorant and not care what other people think than to try to be nice to everyone. But really….I’m shouting out to my real friends here…….do I really have a bad attitude? I really do want to know. What might’ve I done to any of you which offended you deeply, and which I’m oblivious to? Please tell me so I can learn from my mistakes. What is the definition of a good friend anyways? I may not reply my messages or emails all the time or call my friends everyday but they know that if they need me, I’ll always be there for them. Maybe sometimes I’m just a bit shy, and I take quite a while to warm up to people, which makes me seem kinda stand-off-ish and arrogant at times, but I don’t think I have a bad attitude.I know….some of you must be thinking that I’m pretty pathetic to want everyone to like me, but I can’t help it, I can’t stand it when someone hates me, I just need to know why and what I might’ve done to them which made them think I’m a horrible person. Ahhh…….I guess some of my friends who saw the message and texted me was right, no matter how much I want to, I definately can’t please everyone and as long as I feel like I’m doing the right thing and that I have my real friends behind me, everything’s ok.But just in case I haven’t told you guys, I really do appreciate all of you who’ve been supporting me all these months and leaving me encouraging messages because without all of you I don’t think I would’ve been able to pull through my rough patch and look forward for better things to come. Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart.


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  1. bellisa

    Bel any good friend would know and understand the amount you have going on in your life at the moment, and that you don’t need to babysit them through everything! Sometimes you just have to let comments not affect you and glide off like the water on a duck’s back. We’re still here for you! xo

  2. yivontai

    Have fun with Joe on the Amazing Race thingy! 🙂 Forget about all those rubbish talk from anonymous or who ever they might be….U know better who ur  real friends are …..

    Anywayz, cheer up! 🙂

  3. teenEd

    1. Congratulations again for getting the job you always wanted. Apologise for not leaving messages for ages ^_^ Your job seems to be really buzy. I admired your dedication and determination in doing the best. Take it easy, okie??
    2. Good luck with the Amazing race!! Looking forward to hear about the news here in Xanga
    3. I don’t really know you in person but your actions show that you care for your friends. I remembered you coming back from Australia (??) and eventhough you have moved to the West, you made an effort to go back to the East to look for you friends…even give those earrings generously as a gift!! See?? I don’t see that you are a bad friend anyway.
    My friends once told me, we can’t please everyone in our life, but you can always please and pamper yourself anytime you like. Having the idea of people dislike you hurts and stinks. But hey! Maybe people are just jealous of you having great life! **wink**
    Do not let one person’s saying pull you down. I bet that your readers will be satisfied to know that you read their messages eventhough you do not reply them as you have a buzy life ^_^
    All the best and God bless. Take care!!

  4. Canonnie

    Spend more time enjoying your life than worrying about how people look at you… Do you know that there are people who are jealous of your success and trying to say things which makes you unhappy, hoping that you will fall? Be strong… 🙂

  5. mamoyo

    Hey babe. wow on the Amazing Race thing. would really love to see you and Joe on that! it’s one of my fav show.

    and as for the friends thing, dont let it bother you. you’ve been a great friend for nearly a decade now. we dont always keep in touch but i know i can always count on you to be there if i need you.

    and knowing that comforts me.

  6. Mei_cheah

    hey girl!

    i’m glad that things are going great for ya.
    don’t let something trivial bring you down.
    i can understand how you’ll feel upset about those remarks,
    but at the end of the day…
    you only have yourself to answer to,
    cause it’s your life =)

    good luck for amazing race, gal!

  7. XxPerfectionistxX

    hey girl, found your blog through

    Was one of the contestant that explains why i visit that site.

    Just wana tell you that it’s really true that you can’t please every single one. So don’t let this issue makes you feel upset and disappointed of yourself.  If you have already done your best, good for you!! Cheer up and all the best for your career!!

    By the way, this xanga blog is no longer in use. just for propping. If you wish to, you can drop me a comment over at


  8. shillyjie

    i guess why anonymouse said that maybe like you say, you are good friends to those that you are found of and you might need sometime to warm up first before getting into your real you. Anonymous might have thought the different way… Well to be honest, I met you a couple of times back in college and we were in the same class. I tried to say hello but maybe you needed more time to warm yourself up and maybe that’s why i didnt get the hello back from you. Another time I saw Joe with you, Joe said hi to me but you looked-away. Maybe Anonymous felt that way too but than he doesnt know whats in your mind. So I guess you might as well forget about whateva crap he is trying to say about you. My perception about you has changed so much after gonig through your blog and I am really happy to know that you are achieving your goals even higher than no one really expected. GO girl!

    It’s hard pleasing everyone and not everyone will understand you too if they still contempt not to accept why you did that etc. I will say … It’s better to safe yourself first than to fall into the hands of others. Many teenagers who suffers from depression – just like how I used to be one, became like this because they want to please everyone eventhough they think its not wat they really want to do. I know you dont want to hurt anyone’s feeling but you will be hurting yourself in the end. For example, ME! Yeah, ME! I have to go through intensive care, medication and it takes years to get back on your feet. I know you dont want to go through because there is so much that is happening to you in your life that is so exciting. I envy you a lot and seriously, my job here in the US makes me more interesting after reading your blog. Worked like 9 hours a day infront of the comp., and sometimes I’ll just pull out your blog to read. It actually brighten up my day… so cheer up and leaves those -ve comments away from you.




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