Wednesday March 22, 2006

So you know I’ve been watching quite a lot of TV lately, and I’ve noticed several music videos which looked similar. I checked it out and whaddaya know…they’re all directed by ‘infamous’ hip hop director Hype Williams. All his recent videos have this letterbox effect. They all have a main image in the middle and then a second image behind it, split by the first image. You might’ve seen it on Beyonce’s Check On It, Jamie Foxx ft Ludacris’ Unpredictable, Ne-Yo’s So Sick and of course, LL Cool J ft Jennifer Lopez’s Control Myself . I don’t quite like the style to be honest, I think it’s just too messy. But well, I’m not the big director here.

Currently hooked on Kanye West’s Touch the Sky. The video features Pamela Anderson.

I want to go on a beach holiday! Anyone wants to come with me??

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