Wednesday March 15, 2006

I’ve decided not to join the Amazing Race Asia. Well, it’s not quite a decision I had options to, I just couldn’t find a suitable partner. But for those of you interested, the closing date is now March 31st, so you still have time to find that partner and send in that audition tape.

Speaking of Amazing Race, I’ve been following the newest season avidly on AXN and a few of this season’s couples are definately very lovable, like Fran and Barry, a couple who’s been married for 40 years! They were highschool sweethearts and it’s so heartwarming to see that they’re still so loving after so long! This is how every relationship should be like. Another couple I really enjoy watching are best friends, BJ and Tyler, a.k.a. the hippies. The reason I enjoy watching them is because they’re so fun-loving and it looks as if they’re really enjoying themselves in the race. And it’s so funny seeing how they’re always in their flowery shirts and those red pants when all the other teams are in like thermal vests, matching tops etc.

Another reality TV show I’m currently fixated on is American Idol. I’m tossing between Chris Daughtry and Katharine McPhee as this year’s idols. My prediction is that Katharine McPhee will win. But this year’s top 12 is in for a tough competition I feel, compared to the other years where there were obvious winners. I seriously think I’ve been watching too much TV and I’m so obsessed with reality shows, besides those 2, I’m also watching Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model 4.

I really think I might be turning into a TV-addict. When I have the TV on, and there’s something good on, I can just sit in one spot for hours, not get up for food, not pick up my phone, not bathe or get changed, I can just watch TV the whole day! I think it’s coz I have too much time on my hands. Now that Blast Off is over, I’m hosting a new music show for TV2, it’s called Music Junction. We record about 3 episodes once a fortnight and that’s the only thing I’m doing at the moment. The show will go on air sometime end of this month so watch out for it. Besides that, I’ve just been going for one casting after another and it’s kinda frustrating not being able to get jobs. All my life I’ve felt like I’m mediocre at everything, I want to change that, but not sure how to. And all the rejection of not getting jobs or not winning competitions isn’t helping much. My friend Adam from the band Dragon Red thinks that I’m the first person he knows with the lowest self-esteem ever but I think it’s coz I’m just very critical with myself. Oh well, at the moment, I’m just letting nature run its course, I’ll keep at this freelancing gig for a year or so and if I’m still not making any progress, I’ll figure out another plan, might get back into production full-time.

Wow, how did talking about TV shows led to such a depressing story of my life? hehehe…..I’m fine, I’m just an ordinary girl trying to be extraordinary and it’s proving quite difficult.


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  1. Yerdeh

    Hi, I really think what doesn’t kill you makes u stronger so think of the rejections as learning steps. My uncle got almost a hundred rejection letters before he got his first job, and years later he’s partner of PWC China (I would say the largest accounting firm in the world). Chin up and hang in there, you’re doing awesome work.

  2. brianhovt

    Hello Bel, I stumbled on your blogg a couple of months back and since then have been reading it. I enjoy watching the amazing race also and its just too bad you wont be there, I think you would look great in a reality show, really! I dont know how to say this without sounding rehearsed or planned, but I have been thinking of participating in the race too, but didn’t make a concious effort to take action, so if you still wanna give it a try, do drop me a note. – Brian [email protected]

  3. lilmui

    honey, ur not the only one that gets worked up with reality shows… i think i have 5 shows that i religiously watch already. its embarassing…

  4. miss_anj

    Aww bel. you’re fabulous!! Don’t worry about it, the right thing will come along soon.

    It’s like dating. Not every guy is gonna be right for you. But he does eventually pop up right? eg. Joe! =D

    You’re working now anyway. But when you really have nothing to do, come back here and visit! We all miss you Miss Worry-About-Everything! =p 

  5. bellisa

    yEAH! We need some of that straight up anxiety down here, everything’s getting too laid back :p I’m sure if you tried you would’ve been able to drag Joe back from pommyland – it’s only a matter of time before you hit the jackpot baby!


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