Thursday March 9, 2006

It’s been a busy past 2 weeks for me, sorry for the lack of update. I’ll try to fill you guys in on what’s been going on in my life. First up…
The LG Ambassador Hunt
Like piggielaine said in my chatbox, (thanks for the vote! ) I actually took part in LG Mobile’s hunt for an Ambassador last week, didn’t win but got a new LG mobile phone for being in the finals. A friend of mine working in events actually sent me a leaflet about this ‘competition’ where 2 girls will be chosen as LG Mobile ambassadors and win RM10,000 and an all expense paid 6 days trip to Korea for a photoshoot!! So I thought why not, just give it a shot, sent in my pictures, got called for an initial interview and got through to the finals. I thought at first that it was gonna be a low-key competition, and the organisers told us that during the finals the judges are just going to ask us another question and that’s it, but whaddaya know! they made the finals into a beauty pageant! It was so embarassing…..had to parade around on stage in designer outfits (which were specially made to suit a model body type) and wear a number tag and things like that! I mean I thought they were looking for an ambassador not a beauty queen! And there were so many invited guests, local celebrities, etc, it was quite daunting.

During the rehearsals earlier in the day, when I saw my competitors, I knew already that this other girl, Natalia, would win. She’s only 18, just fresh out of high school, very pretty face, long straight hair, 5 ft 8, very attractive overall and a state golfer, if I was a guy/man, I’d choose her over me anytime! hehehe….. I thought, however, that I might have a chance to take the other spot but unfortunately I found out just before the parade that they were looking for one Chinese/Others Ambassador and one Malay. So there goes my chance…… Hannah Tan was one of the judges and she was the one who gave me my question, and out of the 11 questions in the list (yes, the questions were given to us earlier so we can pre-pare) she had to choose number 12, the open question from judges. Hehe…..well I guess it is fair in a way, coz all the other girls said I had an unfair advantage because I am used to speaking in front of an audience, and I had all my answers locked in, they were pretty good answers too by the way….. But it’s fine and it was fun while it lasted, at least I got a new phone out of it.

Very cool stage set-up at Luna Bar

Getting made up in our casual wear by daniel chong, I was wearing a bag basically.

With my wig on (I look so much like a “LULU” man…) and the choreographer, Desmond, whom I had to apologise profusely to that night because I forgot to do my catwalk before I went for the mic to answer the question, I went striaght for the mic! hehehe….

Check it out, No 6 is wearing a big bag…. how very convenient to rob a bank…

Miss Cone-Head in evening wear. One thing I noticed, my hands won’t stay still when I talk, very bad habit…..

The winners were No 1, NorHerleena (In front) and No 8, Natalia (Back), No 6 (left) goes home with a new phone and bruises from the huge bangles clipping her skin because she moves her hands too much. 9th Birthday Bash in Malacca
I went down to Malacca for the highly publicised’s birthday bash at Makhota Parade and overall it was quite fun although a bit tiring. Caught up with Jiaja and Reffugezz, the winners of Blast Off, they were invited to perform that day. Lots of other local acts, including an international act, Same Same, they’re actually made up of 2 of the triplets from the Moffatts (remember them?) and in between their new songs, they sung ‘Miss You Like Crazy’, which I totally knew the words to!!(hahahaha….)and another Moffat ‘classic’, ‘Girl of My Dreams’. We had a chance to meet and greet fans as well, which feels so weird because kids were like asking for autograph and things like that…..but among us newbies, Xan, Andy and I, Andy has the most fans!! He had girls screaming for him outside the VIP room as he peeped out…hehehe….Andy’s famous….

Andy, Na-o-mie, Xan, Vig and I, backstage. Vig and Na-o-mie biked from KL to Malacca!!

With Sally the keyboardist from Solsta and Jinli, the Assistant Director for Blast Off. They came to join in the fun!!

Adam from Dragon Red, Andy and SerenaC having a go at the horizontal bungee…..


The War of the Big Foreheads…. With AdamC,’s newest DJ, check him out every weekday from 10am to 2pm doing the Top 30 Hitz with SerenaC!

With ‘Show Me What You Got’ Liang and his ‘bling’.

Doing the ‘ganas’ pose with Adam from Dragon Red. (Transl. Ganas=Fierce)

Same Same on stage. Didn’t get a chance to take a picture with them coz right after their performance, they were whisked away back to the hotel…..

That’s about it for Malacca, oh yeah….to Yi Von, were you at the birthday bash? You’re from Malacca right? Anyways, Azlan is back in KL for a while and I got a signed poster for you. Where do you want me to send it to? Email me k?

Happy Birthday Joe!

For those of you wondering, Joe is still in KL. Some problems with his UK working visa. He turned 24 on Monday, and we had a small celebration for him that night. We already had a bbq party 2 weeks ago at his house because we thought he was gonna be in the UK when his actual birthday rolls around but well, he’s still here and might only be leaving in May. I sound a lil disappointed, don’t I? hehehe… Well until he goes there I cannot visit him there! I cannot go tour Europe….well, I guess I can, but there’s no reason to, yet. What am I blabbing on about here?!?!

I guess I’ll end this entry here…..I have nothing on today and tomorrow, going to clean my room, clear out stuff from my closet, the whole works….till the next entry, take care and God Bless! Bel

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  1. miss_anj

    hey girlie! looking good as usual!

    eheeh…joe’s birthday is only liek a week after narada’s! no wonder they look alike. keke

    and joe’s hair is so long now! happy birthday joe!!!


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