Saturday February 12, 2005

Kung Hei Fatt Choi!!

I know I’m a bit late…just got back from Bali on Friday night. Bali was ok, it rained almost every evening, making it difficult for us to go shopping for souvenirs. We did a bit of snorkling, but the fishes are so few and small. But i guess it was a good, relaxing vacation with the family….an escape from the crazy CNY celebrations here. Will have some pictures up soon.

Yesterday, had a full day of visiting and collecting Ang Pows…… The celebration here in KL is quite mild compared to the celebration back in Kuching I guess. Most people are still back in their hometowns so for the past few days, the trafffic has been smooth flowing.

Joe’s house became a gambling den last night. Quite a few of our friends came by and gambled the night and their ang pow money away.  Chinese guys and gambling. It’s like one of their inbuilt vices.

I have an interview tomorrow for that one resume that I sent out before CNY. So, wish me luck!!

Oh yah…to everyone, single and attached….Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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  1. bellisa

    belllllll!!!!! omg you got an interview! may the force be with you

    Missed yasmin’s 21st last night.. booo.. but Matt said it was a hoot, he said they put our cheese photo up on the slideshow and everyone was like wtf?!

    Happy CNY and valentine and all that!

  2. ro_mu_lus

    My parents were in Bali during the cny too! 😀 They said it wasn’t all that great, but was a good getaway nonetheless. Like you, they don’t really like the hustle and bustle of cny celebrations. 🙂 Used to gamble the night away too during cny celebrations back home. Can’t really do it here coz cny was on a weekday, and we’ve got no hols.

    Hey good luck for your interview, and happy valentines to you too. =D

  3. kimmik82

    YES. guys and gambling. Would’ve been fine with it if they didn’t coerce me into gambling with them too. fortunately for me i had sponsors, so none of my money was lost =D

    Happy Valentine’s day!

    From the looks of your view and tht you can see genting, am guessing you’re staying near Setapak? I can see genting from my bedroom window =)


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