Sunday February 20, 2005

Hi guys!!

Just came back from Singapore today. Attended my sister’s marriage registration ceremony. It was intended to be an ‘immediate family’ only event but for them to be able to use the hotel pool deck…they had to invite a minimum of 50 people. So…it became quite a big event. It was a bit surreal watching my one and only older sister saying I do and exchanging rings, felt as if i was watching TV.  Will post up pictures after this. Still have some Balli pics to post as well.

On a personal note, I got offered the job I interviewed for. It’s the post of Production Assistant in 8TV and I’ll be predominatly assisting the Producer of the late night talk show called ‘Latte@8‘. They’re offering me a 3 months contract/probation at the moment, pay is small….I don’t even dare to mention it here. But I guess it’s the experience that counts for a first job. And the reputation of having worked in 8TV will do good in my resume. I’ve accepted the offer but they have yet to draw up the contract…so..who knows they might still change their mind. Haha….

I’ll end here for now…..will edit some pictures now and post it up in a bit.


Loads of pictures coming up so brace yourselves for it!


On the way there, I caught this picture of the unique formation of the clouds – this is the outline of a very big circle formation.

The private pool at our Villa. There’s a room on the left with a roof-less bathroom.

A terraced Paddy field…looks so fake doesn’t it?

Scary traditional masks….

We had to wear this sarong to go into the temple because we were wearing shorts.

Dinner ON the beach!! It was great! Watching the sunset….enjoying the breeze…watching planes taking off…food was great too!!

Cruising off the next day to another Island- Nusa Penida. Mum, Sis and Moi.

Cock-Fighting Demo – No blades.

Traditional Balinese Villager’s costume. How disgusting does the colour of my ‘Kebaya’ looks?? Unfortunately, I had no choice in the colour combination.

Balinese family….from left, Uncle, Me, Sis, Mum, Cousin.


Bride getting made up!

The reception area at the pool deck of Marina Mandarin. That’s me in the pink tube in the middle (if anyone can see) video-taping the occasion.

The proposal…

First kiss as Man and Wife.

Presenting….. Mr and Mrs Ng.

The Bridesmaid and the Bride…

With the new member of the family.

Their wedding band..

Congrats Che! May you and John live one life filled with love, joy and happiness. And I want a little niece or nephew soon!

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  1. kimmik82

    gorgeous pics! admittedly yellow prolly isn’t ur colour but well, it’s the wearer tht makes the clothes look good. *wink*

    8tv’s pretty decent i’d say. should be a pretty fun bunch to work for – especially Michael Simon. he’s a great guy, one of the best lecturers i’ve ever had. however, there’s a minor downside – i think they run on a pretty tight budget/ equipment as the station’s still pretty new. Heard tht the mandarin segment and english segment ppl don’t get along too well too. But hell..every corp’s like that.

    a friend of mine might be/ is working there..don’t know if she took up on the offer/ applied. sorry for the vagueness – bad memory. look out for her anyway, name’s Rina Lee. from Kch, st3. am thinking it’s always nice to know tht u’re not the only fresh meat around =)

  2. PDPBinky

    wow, congrats on the 8tv gig. if it doesn’t work out though, i can try to hook you up with astro. i think my cuz does the weather on one of their chinese channels. yea i think i mentioned this to you before but i forgot to follow through on the promise.. my bad lol!

  3. ro_mu_lus

    The Bali photos look great 🙂 And those clouds are amazing..

    The wedding looks really cool, very free and unconventional. So unlike most asian receptions in sing/malaysia. Plus the hot humid weather there. 🙂

    Looks like u had a great time. Btw, I’ve just returned from Rome, and thought you might like to take a look at the pics. 🙂


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