Sunday February 27, 2005

Last night, (26/02/04) I was at Shangri La KL, attending Joe’s sister, Jer Lin’s wedding dinner. It was a grand occasion and everyone got pissed drunk (except for good ol’ me of course, who only had a glass of red wine). I was made events coordinator for the night, cueing the band, the hotel and the emcee to do what they’re supposed to do on schedule. Everything went on as planned, and surprisingly I was pretty composed, considering there were minor hitches and it was my first attempt at coordinating a wedding dinner. My feet are all sore now from walking up and down the big dinner hall (which hosted 105 tables) in my heels the whole night.

After dinner, Joe and I and some friends stayed back at the hotel – we were given a room. They continued on drinking and talking nonsense…which was really entertaining for sober ones like me….and by morning, one by one, they took turns to hug the toilet bowl. Anyways, I think you guys would’ve known by now that my blogs wouldn’t be complete without pictures, so here they are!!

The Flower Girl and Page Boy. They’re so adorable!! The little girl told me that her whole outfit was purchased at Mid Valley, including the little hand gloves with butterflies on it. So sweet…

The beautiful bride (who looks a bit shocked here) and her very good looking groom.

On stage for the cake-cutting ceremony.

The bride – Jer Lin, the bride’s maid (Joe’s other sister) -Erin, and the coordinator for the night…moi.

Joe and I…look at how RED his face is!

The bride in her gorgeous second gown of the night. The back (right) is made of sheer material with butterfly embroidery ala Halle Berry’s Elie Saab’s dress, together with me and a very red joe holding the cause of all evil (Cordon Bleu mixed with water) in one hand.

That’s all for now folks….till the next happening event in my life….take care! A shout out to all my peps in Sydney! Miss you guys heaps!

Oh…by the way, I was suppose to start work tomorrow, but they have yet to contact me about signing the contract so at the moment, I’ll pretend that nothing’s happened and bum along….enjoying it while I still can!

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  1. miss_anj

    bel you look fab! as always =D

    love the halle berry look on your sister’s dress.

    and how’s the new job going? did you start yet? or are u still pretending that nothing has happened? =D


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