Wednesday March 9, 2005

I started work at 8TV 2 days ago. It’s hectic…..and I’m already all stressed out. The work hours are long and crazy….I start work at 2pm and finish at 12 midnite on weekdays and alternate sundays 8pm to 12 midnite. Today we’ll be filming our live talk show from 11:45pm to 1 am.

It’s hard to explain what I do…basically I’m in charge of producing trailers and rolling the playbacks for those trailers and commercial breaks. I have to learn linear editing from scratch because they don’t have a non-linear/digital system here and they don’t have enough equipments for me to actually just sit there the whole day and learn it properly, so I still suck at it. At the moment, I’m just following the actual VT( that’s what they call the person who does the above job) and he isn’t helping much coz he does his editing so quick and he’s always in a hurry.

To top off the stress, I have to drive home by myself after work. It’s a half an hours drive from my work to home and well…..a girl driving alone late at night on m’sian roads…just not safe. And to top it all off, Joe just went back to Sydney yesterday. I feel so lost now without him.

I didn’t know it would effect me so much, but with the new job and driving by myself and Joe away…..all these emotions- nervousness, stress, sadness…makes me feel like my heart is palpitating at a fast rate the whole time. I can’t sleep, I have no appetite…..I think i’m going through a nervous breakdown….and i’ve only worked for 2 days! I really don’t know whether I can handle it. And i really do miss Sydney a lot.

Well…i guess the upside is that I haven’t signed the contract so i can still pull out without any repercussions. But I know I’m not a quiter…..I just have to get used to this lifestyle.

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  1. miss_anj

    omg bel. are you ok? you sound like u’re totally losing it.

    i can so imagine that worried face on you now, that you always used to get when we had 3 essays due the next week!

    your work hours are crazy!

    hehehe…don’t worri bel. everything’s gonna be ok. at least you know how to drive. i’m scared to try.

  2. sp3nce

    Happen to drop in by accident through a link from Kim. Well, thats how working life is in KL, tho I’m not there personally. I know someone who’s working from 8.30a.m till sometimes 2 a.m. Its just a matter of getting used to it. Try to enjoy what you do and everything would turn out less stressful. Good luck, but I’m sure you’ll do fine in no time.

  3. ro_mu_lus

    Sigh.. it must be hard when ur other half is not around. I’m in the same situation as well, and being apart is always difficult.

    And it’s true, driving home alone on malaysian roads is not the safest thing, especially for a girl at night. Be careful aight? Btw, your job sounds really interesting, and I’m sure before long, you’ll be a famous TV celebrity. 🙂 So your family’s moved to KL with you? Or you workin there alone?

    Good luck on your new job and all the best. 😀

  4. StonedEwok

    heya bel,

    its been a while!

    I know I can’t really compare, but I do know how stressful work can get! Its a struggle doing fulltime masters and work as well…but the again you do work much harder than me!

    Your job actually sounds kinda interesting, its so good you found work so quickly…but yeah don’t let it get the better of ya! Its important to enjoy what you’re doing so you can get something outta it…and you’re right, you’re definitely not a quitter.

    Well I’ve rambled on enough, its like an email more than a comment.

    Hope you’re doing aight and ur (kinda) happy and healthy and all that! We all definitely miss ya here…missing the “glue” that you are! 🙂

    Take it easy

  5. bellisa

    Bel! Don’t worry too much about the job, it’s always tough in the first couple of weeks…our force is with you! (see you got me, matt and anj all rooting for ya out there!!) don’t feel like you’re missing too much in Sydney, in fact we haven’t even seen each other since you been gone!

    Just take a deep breath, and keep on troopin! (even then you can always drop out! )


  6. kimmik82

    hey, me thinketh this might be a case of work-culture shock. yes the hours at 8tv are s h o c k i n g. but hang in there and hopefully once you get the hang of what you’re doing you’ll be alright, and maybe even enjoy it =) ( is michael the VT?… he made it sound so fun working there) =P and yes u guys are on a pretty tight budget, but if it’s any consolation, 8tv is way more entertaining than tv3/ ntv7.


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