Thursday March 10, 2005

Today (10th) was a total chaos. I was at work and in the middle of watching through some tapes for editing in the mini studio, which is on the 1st floor, the fire alarm starts to ring. I thought it was a fire drill and when I went out, I saw people walking towards the stairs and thought maybe i’d better go too. I only had my mobile phone with me then, my bag and keys and things are all in the office, which was on the 3rd floor. As I was running up (coz I still thought it was a drill), my collegues were coming down and telling me to go down because something, somewhere really is burning.

As i got down to the evacuation point, I realise that the fire was actually happening at the construction site opposite the station. The fire was huge, apparently it started with an explosion of some sort, and it was spreading. I panicked because my car is parked on the road just next to the construction site.

Against the crowd, I ran up to the main office, got my bag and car keys and ran towards my car. I was halfway there when, to my surprise, my car was already in the middle of the road. The firemen had smashed my driver side window and pushed my car away to save it from the fire. Although I was grateful that the bulk of my car was ok, I was so shocked, I didn’t know what to do. There were glass everywhere, on the seats, on the dash, on the floor…..I just stood there, about to cry, not wanting to believe that this is happening on the second day of me driving the car.

I called my parents, who told me that they’ll be on their way, and my boss helped me drive the car to the nearby petrol station to vacumn up the shattered glass so that I can drive it to the nearest workshop. But the people at the petrol station didn’t allow us to use their vacumn for glass pieces. So my boss called his friend from a workshop nearby, and one of the worker came and drove the car away.

Anyways, to cut the story short, everything was fixed by evening and I went back to work. I am so grateful to my boss for handling it all for me because i really didn’t know what to do. I felt so much like a kid just then, so lost, and it made me realise how dependant I’ve been on Joe. If he was still in KL, i would’ve called him up in the first instance and he would’ve settled it all for me. Now I’m so tired. Just got back from the live show. Sorry if none of this make sense, I just wanted to blog it so that I’ll be able to remember it the next time i read my blog again. Memorable day indeed.

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  1. StonedEwok

    OMG dude.

    now THAT is a story worthy of telling…

    its so true though about fire “drills”, you never really take them seriously these days…

    It would’ve been the most bizarre feeling to be stuck in the middle of all that aye Bel?!…I would’ve been freakin out!! Smashed glass…fire…its like a movie or something….

    Good to hear you’re kinda ok now and everything is fixed.

    Man its like as soon as you left Sydney you’re life just became a TV drama!

    We’re all pretty boring back here….:P

  2. burnburn


    wat a nice fireman, instead of saving some poor helpless construction site worker, he saves u’re car… imagine if the flames got to u’re car when the fireman was still inside… KABOOOOMMM!!

    though.. do u have insurance for the car? if so, new car ^.^ hehehe. but yeah, that’s some crazy stuff going on there.

  3. sp3nce

    eeeoouch. Now that is nasty. Well, stuffs happen, or should I say, shit does happen. But don’t fret, it was all good. I do hope you’re car is insured on 1st party, so you wouldn’t have to pay for your windscreen, well, kinda. =P

  4. iDaZ

    bel….i caught the news on the fire on 8TV news… saw some peepz trying to move the cars parked alongside the pavement or near the fire… one of the cars could have been urs i reckon….

    dun worry bout the ‘kid’ thing lah… I’m sure if i were u…i’d have acted the same way too..dumbfounded.. heLooo… who gets to witness a REAL fire upclose everyday, and get their car window smashed!! It’s not an everyday incident….. hence, ur immaturity. so to speak, is excused.. *Grinz*

  5. kimmik82

    hey bel, so sorry to hear tht u’ve had to experienced smthng so discouraging so soon into ur job. hold your head up high though, it’s a demanding job and nobody expects u to be a Post-Prod 101 expert immediately, nor would any of us have been ‘calm and collected’ if something like that happened to us. it’s okay if u wanna bawl and all tht, we’re still growING up, not all grown up just yet.

    take care babe. *HUG* .hope the situation gets better soon.

  6. miss_anj

    omg bel! that’s insane!!

    hahaah, i didn’t realise you were so dependant on joe. but then again…i should’ve noticed huh? asking joe to go to maccas at 2am to get you food. heheeh slack. =p

  7. BelindaC

    Thanks for all the encouragement guys. I guess it’s time for me to really “grow” up now. One week into the job and I think I’m getting more of a grip on things. I now know how to work the machines…although I’m still not fast enough. But I’ll ease into it slowly. Driving home at 1am every morning is not too bad i guess, as long as i lock my doors and drive on the well-lit highways…..I should be ok…and if my car breaks down halfway, I have the AAM to call on to so….yea…it’s not as bad as I thought it would be I guess. So yeah…..I’ll be alright. 🙂 



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