Monday March 21, 2005

Hi guys,

Am at work right now. Waiting for the show to start. I’m in the post of Assistant Studio Director this week. Much easier than VT coz all i have to do is to redecorate the set and take in callers to win prizes.
In another 2 weeks I’ll be back in Sydney!! hehehe…can’t wait! I’ll be in Sydney from the 6th to the 12th April. I want to shop, eat and do all that touristy stuff with my parents before I leave again….for the last time. It’ll be hard to leave I know.

I just came back from Miri yesterday. Went to another wedding, this time my cousin’s. Will try to post some pictures up when i get home. Ok…i better go now, got work to do!! hehehe…..Busy busy me…

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  1. kimmik82

    VT = the ones that roll commercials and switch from this to that screen and all? educate me please. =) good to hear you’re having some time off. was starting to think that working for them meant 7 days a week with no breaks. =P


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