Thursday March 31, 2005

As usual, I had my whole entry ready to submit and the whole thing just disappeared. Anyways, today’s entry is going to be about work again….but this time hopefully it’ll be a lil’ bit more interesting because it has been an interesting week for me at work.

Had a couple of ‘first times’ this week. Covered my first ever press conference and concert on Tuesday for the band Simple Plan!! And tonight, I rolled tape for the first time in the Outside Broadcast (OB) Van for our live show. It was pretty nerve-wrecking…and squeezy, the van used to be an ice-cream van converted into a mini studio. There were 5 of us in the van and no space left to move. In addition, I had to share the limited space I had with a big…..and I mean BIG Audio guy. But everything on my part went well so I’m glad.

Ok, enough talk. Picture time. I won’t let Simple Plan go without taking pictures with them, would I?

The guys, at the Press Conference in KL Hilton

VJ Utt from MTV Asia was the MC for the PC and the concert. Didn’t get a chance to talk to him though…

Pierre, Jeff, Belinda, Chuck, David and Sebastien…Me and the guys!! We were given 10 mins 1-on-1 with them and my job was to get Station I.D.s from them, cueing them on what to say when. Station I.D.s are like, for example, Hi, we’re Simple Plan and you’re tuned in to 8TV…that kinda thing. We got them to do one in French, their native language, which was cool.

Later that night at the concert. With our Media Pass, we got to access the space in between the audience and the stage. Very cool…

Simple Plan, doing their thing. The majority of the audience were 14-15 year old kids.

Ok, I’m sleepy now and I do not wish to retype this again so I’ll cross my fingers and press submit and hope something, actually nothing, happens.

0 comments on “Thursday March 31, 2005

  1. ro_mu_lus

    omg you have the coolest job in the world. I’m not the biggest fan on simple plan, but still media life looks like a lot of fun. Although i’ve heard it’s not all glitz and glam, it still looks really fun. Hope you have a great time. 🙂

  2. kimmik82

    stories like yours make me just wanna JUMP into the field itself, something i’m quite lacking vigour and le passion for right now. i do know however tht it’s not a bowl of cherries. doesn’t it feel good to be in the media though, with ur pass and getting to go in front and stuff like tht? *reminisces days gone by*

    btw, suggestion here. in fear of my entry dissapearing on me. i ctrl+c = cut it, and THEN submit. and if it doesn’t get thru, i just paste it over and over til it does.

  3. StonedEwok

    omg that rawks!

    haha, it seems journalism is the retarded cousin to the “real” media!

    man, your job sounds awesome Bel. Don’t concentrate on the nitty gritty of it too much, just enjoy yourself….coz that’s a truly awesome post!!

    two thumbs up! (you sitting with Switchfoot, way too cool for school, lol)

  4. miss_anj

    bel! omg..simple plan!! can’t believe u met them and took such a cosy shot with them. =p

    u make me wanna go and find a job. but yeh…still lazy. some things never change…

    see ya soon chik!!

  5. StonedEwok

    ha crap i only just realised after that long that i typed “Switchfoot” instead of “Simple Plan”

    I wonder if anyone picked up on it…

    Anyways, all the same!

    and bel, what’s your yahoo email again? i only kno your oceangirl one.


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