Thursday April 14, 2005

Hey people,

Sorry I haven’t been updating lately. Just came back from Sydney and am now back at work. Graduation ceremony was great. Weather there was perfect. Food was good. Had so much fun with friends. Shopped like crazy. Man….I really do miss being in Sydney a lot.

I’ve been getting quite a few comments about how I’m looking thinner. I’m not sure if I like that. It’s an “occupational hazard” I guess, as one of my Producers had said. Anyways, really tired now. Will upload pictures and all that on the weekend. Meanwhile, Matt, could you send me the pictures of us at Horizons Bar and Longrain to my yahoo account? Thanks!! Miss you guys! ~Be A Man!!~ hehehe……


By the way, I got my first paycheck yesterday! hehehe…how exiciting.

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  1. BelindaC

    Yes Leon! It’s Russell Peters! Hehehe…..I only saw that one clip but i reckon he’s the best stand up comedian I’ve seen so far….maybe coz it hits close to home, him being Asian and all. And one of my friend, miss_anj, loves doing the indian accent so we told her his jokes when I was in Sydney. hehehe……

    Isa, you know what, when i got back here, I found out that the day before, which was the day we were having drinks and talking about armageddon, a volcano erupted in Indonesia, which sent ashes flying all the way to KL!!!

    ~Imma packin’ my bags right now and moving back to Sydney!!~:-P


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