Saturday April 16, 2005

I have no life. It’s Saturday night (well, it was), and I really felt like going out, but there was no one to call….

I felt like i needed some Pink to beautify my life a little…hence the colour change. What do you guys think?

We’re putting together a special screening of ‘Coach Carter’ tomorrow for the callers to our show. Have to be there by 9:00 am to set up stuff, etc.. but well I guess I do get to watch a free movie. I better go sleep. Will upload the pictures tonight.

Matt….check your email.

0 comments on “Saturday April 16, 2005

  1. kimmik82

    bel – call me! call me! (how desperate do i sound?)

    btw, is there any way i could correspond/ have a chat with you? i know you’re prolly sick of work atm but i really REALLY need to ask u some stuff abt the industry. am surveying jobs etc. graduating soon. PLEAAAAASE help poor, ignorant me =)

    btw, pink’s *thumbs up*

  2. miss_anj

    puahaha i stayed home on saturday nite too!!! i think.

    yeh i did! ahhaeheaha…i enjoyed it tho. just ate all nite.

    and bel, your blog actually brought a tear to my eye! ahahha, as corny as that may sound.

    ooh and love the pink!!! =D


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