Saturday January 1, 2005

Well, the new year is here. Another year has gone. Another year older.. How was your New Year’s Eve? I was quite disappointed with my NYE arrangements, sadly. Joe and I went to McMahon’s Point at 2pm ( yes, we waited 10 hrs!)…because we were told that it fills up early, and when we got there, 3/4 of Blues Point was already filled with beach umbrellas, little tents and picnic carpets. We found a good spot and settled. It was scorching hot from 2 till about 5, then at about 6pm, the winds started to pick up and the weather became quite cold…..fortunately, later that night, the winds slowed and it was pleasant. But, the fireworks were pretty disappointing, considering it was voted world’s best for the past few years. All in all, by the end of new years morning, Joe and I were tired, disappointed and sun burned. I’ll cut it short, picture time.

Our little area. My little umbrella was our only shed from the sun.

The view from our spot.

Where’s Bel?

The park was all full by about 6 p.m. And if u can see the two containers far middle in the picture, that was the porta-loo. The line to the ladies stretched from there till the end of the picture at the right. Me and a few other girls couldn’t wait…so we went into the gents- the cubicles of course.

9 p.m.

01/01/05 !!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Health makes all things possible,
Wealth makes all things work,
Love makes all things beautiful.
May you have all three for 2005!”

– Forwarded SMS.

0 comments on “Saturday January 1, 2005

  1. StonedEwok

    hey bel!

    its been a while!

    sorry to hear your nye was a disappointment… that’s a seriously awesome spot you had there tho!!! 10 hours…what an achievement 😛

    great pics as usual 🙂

    happy 2005, ill be sure to see ya soon

  2. ro_mu_lus

    Heya, nice blog you’ve got here. Really cool pics. =)

    Never been to Sydney, but i’ve been to Melbourne. Melbourne’s pretty nice, but Sydney rocks harder i reckon, no?


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