Tuesday December 28, 2004

What an ending to the year. I feel so sad. I can’t help but shed a tear everytime I watch the news. The thousands of innocent lives lost. Millions of people displaced. Is this the start of armageddon? Is this the way God is punishing us for the horrible things that mankind has done this past year? This catastrophe has showed me the fragility of human lives. The fragility of the worldly belongings we hold so dear at this day and age. The fragility of nature we thought was all under our control, all the technologies we thought will help us live longer and better.

And to think that it hit so close to home, I can’t help but worry that anything might happen, anyday, to ourselves and  people dear to all of us. I’ve never been a very ‘religious’ person, so to speak, but I extend my prayers to those who were affected directly or indirectly  by the recent atrocities, and I pray to God for forgiveness and strength to be a better person for the coming New Year.

2 comments on “Tuesday December 28, 2004

  1. bellisa

    Why would god want to punish children, families, holiday makers and the under-priveleged? I’m not religious myself but this just reinforces my belief that life is that random… and its unfair that the countries with the least infrastructure gets hit the hardest…

    All I can think of to say atm is cheer up, and donate to the cause :p


  2. miss_anj

    it’s karma.

    omg..it’s full like the movie..”day after tomorrow”..like.all the crazy weather change. cold one day and suddenly boiling hot the next!


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