Sunday July 22, 2007

Hey all!!

Just a quick update. Yes, I’m back from Kuching. It was a nice relaxing trip. Rainforest Music Festival was nice, enjoyed a great night of music under the stars with my closest friends.

8TV’s Wet & Wild got really wet when it started raining around noon and didn’t really stop until the concert came on at 5pm. But all in all, it was great fun and it was great meeting everyone who came to say hi and participated in our games! I feel a bit flu-ey now after being in the rain and being wet almost the whole day yesterday.

I’ve been invited to the launch of the Jimmy Choo boutique this Friday and I have nothing to wear. Dress code says dress fabulously in Jimmy Choo but I don’t think I can afford a pair right now… Any stylists or designers out there with a nice evening dress which might fit me for the event? Drop me a message ok? heheheh…..

Still haven’t had time to upload my pictures yet. Will do so soon so keep coming back for more updates alright? Till then, take care and say NO to smoking!


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  1. Anonymous

    hey there! was nice chatting to you at the Hilton with Angie. All the best with your career over there…
    Kuching reprazent in K-Hell!
    Best Wishes and catch up soon! Yong (non smoker)


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