Sunday July 30, 2006

My Childhood Memories…..All Up in Smokes

Most of you might have seen it in the papers. Sarawak Club burned to the ground in a morning fire last thursday. What you might not know is….Sarawak Club was where I grew up. It was like my home back in Kuching, I spent more time there than I did at my actual house.

It was the place where I first started to learn how to swim and it was the place where I trained everyday, the library was where I studied for my PMR and SPM, the cafe served me the best buttered prawns, begger’s chicken, beef kuey tiaw and ribena sprite, and it was a place where I hung out with my friends, made new friends, had dates, and chilled out. You could find me there almost everyday back then. Even my sister’s wedding dinner recently was held there. Now it’s all gone…….

It’s hard not to shed a tear looking at the pictures of the burned building… I know they willl rebuild the place in no time but it won’t be the same again. Kuching for me will never be the same again..

On a lighter note, I promised pictures from the Pussycat Dolls Concert here in KL. We got there late so we didn’t try to push in to the mosh pit in the middle, so we stood at the side of the stage.

The girls were surprisingly good…..and surprisingly sexy….

They were doing all their raunchy moves……in little shorts and midriffs….

For a minute I thought this was very unMalaysian-like…but looking around at all the other girls in bikini tops and short mini skirts, I thought…hey…Mariah Carey should’ve performed at the Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach! Then she could’ve worn her nipple-covering bikini top!

The dancing was hot but the sound quality was pretty bad…….or maybe it was just my camera….

0 comments on “Sunday July 30, 2006

  1. su_ling

    do u have anymore videos on PCD??i reli luv them a lot n so desperately wanted to go catch them but cudnt coz tied down with work n worst of all im in kuching!!!…

  2. CallMeSu

    im sorry to hear the news. i understand that there are no words to comprehend how sad u feel bout the burning of  sarawak club

    wht surprised me of the PCD’s concert is, they were allowed to dressed so skimpily. i remember there was once a all girl group who was performing in malaysia sometime ago and they were warned not to dress so skimpy.

  3. chukwang

    so sorry to hear about your “home” bel. 🙁

    Physical thigns maybe gone but the memories linger on. Lets hope they rebuild it. Start a fund or something. Maybe they’ll rename it after you. No?

    Think about the other tiny future swimmers out there. 🙂



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