Sunday November 25, 2007

Hey guys!!

Time for another update! I went up to Penang yesterday for the Hotlink 8TV Youth Tour. Joe was so nice to drive me up and down 300kms just to emcee the concert, we left in the morning, the tour was from noon till 7pm, then we drove back to KL after. The drive itself was more taxing than the emceeing! I was there by myself because the rest of the Quickie gang had something on this weekend, but luckily Kish (Hotlink Emcee & host of Rexona No Sweat Dance Challenge) was there to help me out. The crowd was great and I even got a kiss from a granny!! I was dead tired by the end of the night but it was fun and hopefully everyone who was there had a great time as well. I’ll try to post up some pictures if I get them from the photographer there.

Not too long ago I was at the Kiehl’s store launch and in conjunction with their first store launch here in KL, they’re having a charity drive to raise funds for the National Cancer Society’s Children’s Home of Hope.

Aishah and myself at the Kiehl’s flagship store launch

“In 1997 The Children’s Home of Hope was opened on the 4th floor of the National Cancer Society Building in Kuala Lumpur. This was in response to requests by Senior Consultant Paediatrician, Dr. Raja Khuzaiah Razak who was having problems accommodating children with cancer who needed follow up treatment at the Paediatric Institute of the Hospital Kuala Lumpur. Funds were raised through appeal letters, fundraising events and a grant from the Ministry of Finance. This home provides accommodation that is affordable, pleasant and easily accessible for patients and their parents coming from outstation for treatment and follow up. It costs the Society approximately RM12, 000/- per month to run the Home.” NCSM Website

To raise awareness and funds, these calenders, featuring artworks of children from the home are being sold at the Kiehl’s flagship store (Level 2 – Pavillion) and all Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf outlets around the Klang Valley for just RM10!! 100% of the sales of these calenders will go towards funding and running the Home of Hope.

So if you’re visiting the Kiehl’s outlet at Pavillion or just having a cuppa at Coffee Bean, do purchase a couple of these calenders to do your bid to bring a lil joy to the little ones suffering from this dreadful disease.

Here are a couple more pictures from the launch.
I like my profile from this angle. hehehe….

Me, Yazzeed (hope I spelled it right) from Coffee Bean, Aishah, and Sazzy.

Anyways, I’m going to Bangkok again this week!! Leaving Wednesday. It’s for another commercial shoot for the same facial product. It’s gonna be a work only trip this time because I have to get back in time for the Ultimate Prom Night this weekend. I’m so happy for the opportunity to be able to represent this really prestigious facial care brand. I will reveal more later but I feel so blessed to have a chance to do this. Sometimes when put against other “personalities” in the country, I feel so small, so unglam, so ‘ugly’, so to be chosen to do a facial product commercial, it all seemed unreal, I still can’t believe it! It’s gonna be a crazy end of the year for me!! But I’m loving my life right now!

I’ll update more when I get back this weekend. Remember to watch the crowning of the Ultimate Prom King and Prom Queen on the 1st December at 11pm on 8TV. Raz and I will be hosting it. You can check out the Top 10 finalist for Prom King and Queen on our website,

Till the next post, take care and love life!!


4 comments on “Sunday November 25, 2007

  1. sheon81

    yeah, that pic of you that you like looks nice.

    i’ll get one of those calendars when i visit a coffee bean outlet! thanks for telling 🙂

    KL-Png-KL in one day….i wouldnt do that! at least put up a night in penang and chill mah….

  2. hilineindustries

    I think to a lot of people, you’re right up there with the other celebs in town.

    Just please, please don’t get a “Brand Manager”, put up a cheesy website and refer to the “Belinda C brand” like some other underexposed “personality” in that entrepreneurial but misguided attempt..

  3. mamoyo

    woman!!! i like your top! yay! oh please, 🙂 your insecurities aside! hugs! i’ll be dropping by in KL again next coming month. another shopping trip, woman?


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