Sunday December 9, 2007

Some of you might’ve seen this in this month’s edition of CLEO or Female magazine



The facial product which I’ve been shooting commercials for is none other than Olay. Olay White Radiance to be exact, the product that sponsored Teman, the travelogue that I did early this year.

I like this picture…

Doesn’t look like me, does it?

I always thought the Olay girls, like Danielle Graham, are absolutely gorgeous so I still find it quite hard to believe and I sometimes feel a bit unworthy to be associated with the brand. But I guess like I tell everyone, being confident is gorgeous so I have to start practicing what I preach. They chose me, so there must be something there that they liked….hehehe…

Here are some behind the scene pictures from my 2nd shoot in Bangkok. Didn’t manage to do much this time around because I had to come back on the night of the shoot to host The Ultimate Prom Nite the next day.
Love the natural looking makeup… Thai makeup artists are good…. I don’t understand though, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink coffee, I use an electric toothbrush and a whitening toothpaste, but my teeth are getting yellow-er, especially my incisors, it’s not a pretty sight. I might want to try getting a teeth whitening done, any recommendations? Apparently one whitening treatment can last up till 5 years!

Thum, my makeup artist, reapplying lippie for me in between takes

Spray spray here, spray spray there….

My Olay shoot started at 4am on the 30th Nov, finished at about 4:30pm, rushed to the Bangkok International airport, flew back on the 7:30pm flight, got back here in KL about midnight. Next morning, 1st Dec, we started rehearsals for The Ultimate Prom Nite at 9am.

We were there the whole day but the culmination of a lot of factors forced us to cut down rehearsals and to be honest, we did not rehearse the show as a whole and that wasn’t good. It was such a big deal so I was really nervous when we started the show. But as the night rolled on, as usual, things happen, mistakes made, it was a live show after all, and in the end, it turned out to be a pretty mediocre show – on the hosts part anyway. Quite a few people were surprised by the results of the Ultimate Prom King and Queen, but like any reality show, it was the results of people’s votes, so whether it reflects the overall sentiments of Malaysians or just those of ‘fans’, I guess these things doesn’t really matter anymore. If you want to watch the show, you can go to and click on The Ultimate Prom Nite link in Catch up TV. And yes, please judge away and comment. Pictures!!
Raz and I, Reagen (Prom King), Mun Yee, Intan(Sarah), Atiq, Karen, Chay, Amanda (Prom Queen), Jordan, Cynthia and Sean backstage before the show.

Me with the girls. L-R, Mun Yee, Karen, Sarah, Amanda, Me and Cynthia.

I watched the show online and I know what I did wrong. I repeated my “LIVE” show mistake again by shouting into the microphone, and I did the biggest mistake by wrongly announcing the name of one of the contestant. I know all of the finalist by name, so I shouldn’t have made that mistake. Oh well…

Recently, I had to host the Quickie by myself because Raz couldn’t make it last minute. While hosting the show, I wasn’t that nervous, I was quite relaxed and I was being myself, but I know things were a bit ‘kelam-kabut’ (frenzied) and my sudden gold-fish memory didn’t help either. But after watching it again, I thought it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. At least I was being myself, I kept up the energy and I love the shots and the interaction I had with the cameramen. I’ve embedded the file here for all of you to see, leave me some commentslah….I notice that a lot of people visit but do not leave any comments. What’s the point of me putting so much effort in uploading pics and vids and all that if nobody appreciates it or hate it even?

*edit* OK, so the embedded file did not work, click HERE if you want to watch it. Make sure you have Flash!!

Ok guys, I think I have to end here, just got back from a bbq and I smell like burned charcoal. Till the next post, take care and 15 more sleeps to Christmas!!


11 comments on “Sunday December 9, 2007

  1. kimfluttersby

    hey, don’t stop posting k, i’m reading your blog every single time you post up something. it goes directly to my mail.

    and, i’m taking u as my role-model. i didn’t win starceleb and still have problems facing the camera. i look up to you as an example to step into this industry. i’m still not sure if i’m suitable to be a host yet, but i’ll give it a try, maybe acting.

    hey, your youtube’s not loading well.

    hope i can look u up sometime for some tips on hosting 🙂 *i should’ve asked you earlier during the starceleb comp* tsk tsk.

  2. mamoyo

    Oh woman, I saw you in Cleo and you look so gorgeous! I especially love the shot where you’re just laughing it up with that piece of paper in your hand. Gorgeous!

    Two years ago when we met again after long years, you told me you’re just getting into the industry and hopefully more things would come your way.And now look! You’re everywhere! so proud of you babe!

  3. Amuse_Bouche

    fine, I’ll comment!

    You look gorgeous in the olay ad. Actually DG is coming to Sydney next week… her photos are very very airbrushed! Whereas yours, are so much more real!

  4. Anonymous

    Hey you…

    Don’t stop posting. You’re on my daily consumption list. I know you don’t update daily but I check your blog daily anyway just in case you have any updates. So keep the posts coming…

    And have a great Christmas, would ya!!



  5. w3nst3r


    i enjoy reading your blog entries and viewing your photos!! okay. what if i pledge to comment every single one of your future blog posts?? will you continue?? =D

    i have to agree with Kim that you are indeed a role model. i still have a lot to learn about the media industry!

  6. kingofblur

    Just returning the favor and visiting your blog. Nice one anyway, pink and grey.

    About the teeth whitening thing, don’t bother. Just use normal toothpaste and be ‘committed’ at brushing your teeth, meaning at least twice a day. The whitening magic works with dedication. =D


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