Tuesday December 18, 2007

You know how some days, the stars and planets are just not really aligned and you feel like nothing goes right for you? Well, I just had one of those days. Woke up this morning to a barrage of calls, one of them from Joe saying that he’s coming to pick me up for lunch in less than 10 mins so I have to jump out of bed and get ready in a hurry. After lunch, I had no appointments so I decided to take it easy and book myself in for a manicure and pedicure at this well-known place in Bangsar, only to have the manicurist cut off more than my cuticles on my right thumb (painful ok!! It was bleeding and all….) and I ended up with a bad looking french manicure, the worst I’ve ever had actually. I’m gonna take it all off right after posting this.

After dinner, I especially went to 1U to the Sun Moulin bakery wanting to buy this cheese cakey-thingy that I really liked to have for brekkie tomorrow, got there only to find out that their machine was spoiled and they couldn’t make this particular cheese cakey-thingy until next week!!! Ok…fine, nevermind, at least I had what I wanted for dinner.

Got into work, our makeup artist didn’t show up and didn’t bother to inform any one of us!! I was waiting in the makeup room like an ass for almost 40 mins before I actually found out that I had to go to get my makeup done by the TV3 makeup artist!! OK, nevermind, at least the TV3 makeup artist was fast and we finished before 10pm.

In my haste, I took off my 2 month old diamond cross pendant and necklace to change into my wardrobe for the night and thought I’ve thrown it into my hand bag somewhere. Guess what! It’s gone!! In my muddle-headedness I can’t remember what I did with it after I took it out. I don’t know where it is!! I turned my handbag and my accessory case inside out and nothing. Went back to the makeup room after the show to check and nothing….the janitor has just cleaned the room out apparently and all the makeup artists have gone home. I’m so upset with myself right now I’m on the verge on tearing….. It’s gone….

And to add to it, I did a horrible job hosting today. I forgot my questions, I stumbled a lot, couldn’t find my words, I had guests on but I was hosting alone. I don’t know why, when I’m hosting with any of my other co-hosts, I’m fine, but when I’m alone, everything seems chaotic, even when I’m not feeling nervous and I’m just as well-prepared like any other day. I hate it so much when I muck up like that!

Hopefully I’ll wake up tomorrow and everything will seem better, because right now I’m very depressed.


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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Bel…

    There are someday that we felt like the whole wide world is againts us. But sometimes things happen for a reason that we can’t understand at the moment, I’m sure that things will turn up well and about your hosting job, I love to see your “celoteh”..hahaha… not bad actually. Don’t you think that the producer maybe let you to host alone to train you up? In time, I guess everything would be fine. Trust in urself and trust us too! Takecare =P

  2. w3nst3r

    ouchh… bleeding cuticle? OUCHHHHHH!!!

    don’t feel down Bel. All of us go through those days. well, i know i do. when everything just seems to go out of line. hmmmph!
    i pray that one of the makeup artist accidentally packed your necklace along into the makeup kit and will return it to you. and even though you stumbled a bit (yes, a bit) you’re still a role model to me =]

  3. Anonymous

    Having a bad day eh?!

    Well, I always tell myself, out of 365 ordinary days, I’ll make most of them happy days for myself unless the planets and stars decide to go against me. Even then, I should not let them bring me down. If there is no down days, we will not be able to truly appreciate good days.

    You did well hosting alone. Perhaps just lack of people (other co-hosts) to bounce words around. Keep up the good work!

    Hope you have a great holiday tomorrow, since it is public holiday. And a great weekend ahead ya!!


  4. sheon81

    ouch…….bleeding finger….hate it…, however, mine is worse as i suspect that i torned a ligament in my fore-arm last nite, now its aching like crazy!

    i think you did ok on quickie last nite! tho i just watched the first 10 minutes…..was too tired from work.

    hopefully your diamond pendant will re-appear in an unlikely place soon!

    cheer up!!!

  5. Anonymous

    Hey Bel!

     I’m actually in Taiwan now, but read your blog post.  I hope you had a better day today (which I’m pretty sure you had).

    Anyways, just wanted to say that keep your head up, everything will be back to normal.


  6. Anonymous

    Sometimes I curse abt my bad luck but forget how blessed I am for the other stuff God has given me…

    Don’t feel so bad abt your bad day… You are blessed with internal and external beauty… I do smile whenever I happen to see you on TV… I’m sure there are many other ppl like me out there who enjoy seeing you on TV…

    Good luck and have a nice day… You can have my 4-leaf clover if you are extra kiasu… 

  7. Anonymous

    Hi Belinda,

    I had heaps of fun the last Monday being on the show with such fun, gorgeous people! (You & Raz) It was good fun! I’m reading your blog now & u did mention about you couldn’t find your words.

    Did it happen when you interviewed me where I gave you some Xmas tidbits I brought along with me and you forgotten your questions for me???? LOL That was funny! I thought it was good for your show girl! You probably were stunned by me, by how good looking I am is it? Just kidding. Anyway, I have uploaded our photos from last Monday’s Quickie on my blog (http://imborntosingsongs.blogspot.com) and forwarded the rest to Raz’s email addy.

    You did fine! Don’t worry… la la la sing, dance and be gay!



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