Thursday December 20, 2007

I feel very blessed. I now have renewed faith in the power of prayer and the good of people. The TV3 makeup artist found my necklace and kept it for me and returned it to me last night!!! I couldn’t sleep the night before, beating down on myself for being so careless and last night, I realy couldn’t believe it when I was handed my necklace!! I was overjoyed!! I also found the water bottle I just bought, which I’ve misplaced in the office, it’s been missing for a couple of days and it miraculously appeared on one of my colleague’s table last night. It was really a 180 degrees turn around for me from the night before and last night. I couldn’t stop beaming! I’d really like to thank everyone who sent me encouraging comments and messages. I really appreciate all your concerns!! I might’ve jumped the gun there with my emotions but, well, it’s great to know that so many people care. Thanks so much everyone!!


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  1. w3nst3r

    yippeee!!! see, Belinda. told you that one of the makeup artist might have accidentally kept it in her makeup case when she was clearing up. happy for you!! *HUGS*


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