Sunday November 6, 2005

Suddenly felt like a colour change. Research shows that looking at ‘greens’ regardless of whether it’s the leaves on a tree or painting on the wall, soothes and relaxes the viewer and improves the eyesight!! (Don’t quote me on this!! hehe) Actually I don’t really like the new colour but i’m too lazy to change it back to pink.

I’m going to Shanghai next Wednesday!!!!

0 comments on “Sunday November 6, 2005

  1. ro_mu_lus

    you know honestly i quite like this new colour. kinda refreshing.

    btw, was just back-reading your past entries and about the model thingy.. haha i’d NEVER stand next to those models in a picture or i’ll look like a hobbit. (ok, perhaps not THAT bad but youknowatimeanlah haha they were super duper tall).

    you have fun in shanghai, k? oooh you should pop by beijing too!! heard it’s a really cool place to visit.

  2. lady2isis

    hey, ur going Shanghai? cool! welcome to China. You should enjoy it there at this time of year. I might pop over to bug you seeing i am only abt 2 hours away by flight 😛


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