Monday November 14, 2005

I just got back from Shanghai! Yesterday evening. It was real fun…but quite tiring, not from work or anything but maybe from the lack of sleep. I made it all up by sleeping till 1:30pm this arvo. Anyways, it was raining 3 out of the 4 days we were there. I guess I shouldn’t consider it as work, but I was there as the correspondent for mobTV again for the search for the Elite Model Look International 2005. 67 girls from over 30 contries participated and the average age range of the girls were 14-18 years old! They all looked so young but really tall!! Gwen from Malaysia didn’t make it to the final 15. There was only one asian contestant in the top 15 and she was from China. In the end, a French girl won, she’s only 15 I think.

Picture time!

View of Pu Dong from The Bund

Me and the Pearl Oriental Tower on left and the photographer, Mr Loh on the right. I guess he’s so used to professional photography that even when he’s taking a ‘normal’ picture, he’s like, look left, smile a bit more, put your hands in your pocket…etc.

Shopping time!

At the full dress rehearsals, the stage was huge!!

The models doing their ‘thang’.

I got my shot at ‘modelling’ on stage after the real models, hehehe… for sale…anyone?

With Gwen, who is so tired after a long long day. She was the 3rd oldest girl there being 21. The oldest 2 were 22 years old.

Dinner at the Grand Hyatt that night, guess who we bumped into? I’m not a big tennis fan myself, but he is world no. 2 and he’s so cute too. With Rafael Nadal. He is Shanghai for the Masters Cup.

I haven’t worn a mini skirt in a long time. Hurray for my boots!! hehehe…Me after the finals.

The top 3 winners, from left, 2nd runner up from Slovakia, winner from France and i forgot where the 1st runner up is from but I didn’t think she deserved to win because she had a really ‘jumpy’ catwalk. Almost like she was skipping.

So, that was the week for me. I had so much fun I’m missing everyone now. Shanghai…well…what can i say, I’m not a very big fan. It’s a big and bustling city that’s for sure, but a bit too crowded for my liking. There’s about 20 million ppl living in Shanghai and that’s as many ppl there is in the whole of Malaysia! And if you think Malaysians are rude…gosh…the Chinese are even worst. They shout at everyone! All in all, it was a great experience, and i got quite a lot of exposure especially with elite model agents worldwide. Hoping that more opportunities like these will surface. Meanwhile, I’m really excited because I’ll be in my first Music Video shoot this Wednesday!! hehehe…Many thanks to Anne who made it possible!!! It’s for a local rapper, Doul who is signed to @19 Records, the record label Anne is working for. Look out for it on TV soon!!


A shout-out to Stacey, the Elite Model from Singapore who said that she reads my blog!! Take care girl, you have a bright future ahead of you!

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  1. yivontai

    Hola Bel…

    Welcome back! Thanks for posting all those lovely photo’s 🙂

    I betcha’ had lotssa fun there and you are much more “cunner” than the models there la..

    Cheers gal…

    So lucky of you to meet Rafael..! :p

  2. totallyclassy

    hey bel !

    Love the pics !! wait ! u working for elite ??? woah! cool job !!

    Saw emily jong just now…she’s a nurse !! why is everyone working and I’m not??

    Issh!! need to graduate as fast as possible !!


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