Saturday November 19, 2005

I’m sorry that all my pictures are not showing. I’ve already deleted most of the old pictures on my photobucket account but it still wouldn’t show. I’ll try and rectify this asap, if i know how….hehehe… Meanwhile, take a gander at all my other friend’s blog!!


Hurray for Xanga!! They’re giving free picture uploads for us non-premium accounts!! hehehe…

0 comments on “Saturday November 19, 2005

  1. bellisa

    dudette! hope everything’s going well on your side, there’s not much to ‘gander’ on my site but feel free to poke around! xoxo

    ps. you should come back soon, i think you’re the glue that’s holding the rest of us together cos i haven’t seen matt and anj since you left!

  2. luv_misstee

    Hehe the first time this new easy photo upload came out. All my other previous photo’s disappeared. & I was so upset, I nearly deleted my whole account & freshly start a new one. Luckily I didn’t. the next day, the pictures all came back! & yes, its indeedy good to have this new photo uploading tool for non premiums! *premiums HA!*


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