Tuesday November 22, 2005

Just came back from watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (translated into Malay as Harry Potter dengan Cawan Berapi…hehehe…) It was alright, very action-packed, but story line was a bit incoherent I thought. And all the hype about that Asian girl in the show….gosh…what a bummer! She only had like…one line!!

My biological sleeping clock is all out of whack! Since coming back from Shanghai, I’ve been sleeping till about 1-ish in the afternoon and going to bed only about 4-5 am! Last night, or this morning more like it, I couldn’t sleep till about 6:30! And I woke up only about 2 something today. Since i couldn’t sleep last night, I diligently went through each and every one of my digital pictures on my laptop. I found my ‘almost-forgotten’ studio pictures which I took in June this year in Singapore, thus, my new profile pic and the additions of new pics on my friendster account.

I always thought I looked damn weird( a bit like a man even) when I’m in heavy makeup for shoots etc. But I loved the makeup done by the makeup artist Ponnie Hsu. She specializes in bridal makeup and for me, she used the airbrush technique to spray my face with foundation so it looked really natural. No post-airbrush required! Here are a few of my favourite shots.

Though i did like the makeup and the way the pictures turned out, the photographer, however, was a little sleazy. He was asking me to pose in somewhat provocative ways and I only obliged him to the poses I was comfortable with. And he kept asking me if I had brought anything sexier…..and in the end, he asked if I wanted to pose nude…..HELL NO!!

Anyways, that was that. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to sleep earlier tonight. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow because I can feel and see my wisdom teeth coming out on my top jaw and it’s not quite as painful as I thought it would be, but just a little irritating. Thought I’d better get it checked out.

Oh, and I hate the rain. It’s been raining here on and off for almost 4 days now…. It is so gloomy and it ruins everything!! ~Please don’t take my sunshine away~

0 comments on “Tuesday November 22, 2005

  1. ginapak

    geez Bel, when did u get so hot? back in media, you were always pretty but now you look like a model!

    congrats on all your experiences, miss you heaps!! lv gina

  2. psychoexbf

    1st pic: no. not flattering at all.
    2nd pic: really good headshot.
    3rd pic: the fact that you’re standing straight up makes the shot seem artificial. if your legs & body were bent more, it would have provided more action in the photo.

    i like the profile pic best tho. ive always found photos of women more interesting when there are more curves; not in the sense of the bust but more related to the curvature of the neck, shoulders, back, waist, etc.

  3. CheeDane

    Hey… u do play friendster? oohh~!! can u give tell me ur friendster e-mail address?
    and can i add you there..?
    i feel like wanna talk to you…but dunno how…
    ur pics r GORGEOUS…
    as i said…you always look GORGEOUS~

  4. luv_misstee

    oh god. if i were u, i would have slapped him on the wrist for saying pose nude? I mean, hell no, unlses ur comfortable with it, but u look gorgeous the way u are. & wat are u on about lookin like a man? Gosh, only if u were happy with wat uve got as not many people are happy with their bods! btw i hate the rain too =( makes me depressed.


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