Tuesday November 29, 2005

Hello guys!! How was your weekend? I had a dance filled weekend. Yea…me dancing queen. Had to dance the whole day Friday for a Celcom shoot, then went to Poppy’s for Jing’s birthday that night, my feet were aching like mad but music was too good to resist. Hopped on to the dance floor when they played my favourite dancing song ‘Amerie- 1 Thing’ and never turned back until we left the club! My saturday was spent recuperating at home, sore back, sore feet and headache. Went grocery shopping with my mum on Sunday and we bought 400 bucks worth of groceries!! We haven’t been grocery shopping for almost a month already and there was nothing left to eat at home, so we bought a whole cart full. Anyways, that was my ‘eventful’ weekend.

Lots of people have been asking me what’s next for me. To tell you the truth, I don’t know! Although I didn’t keep my hopes too high on winning the UVJ search, that was the only plan I had when i decided to leave 8TV and join the competition. Now that I didn’t win, well, God knows what’s gonna happen with me. I do have a gig coming up and I’m really excited about it. I’ll let you guys in on what it is soon. This gig will probably occupy me for about 2 months and then I’ll be on the shelf again. I know what I want – I want a flexible day job which will allow me to do my hostings and emceeing and tv ads on the side- but I don’t know what kind of job allows me this flexibility and I don’t know where to find such a job! *Frus* One baby step at a time I guess.

Ok, I have an early start tomorrow so I better try to sleep now. Anyone following The O.C. Season 3, I’m at episode 6 now and I think it’s getting a bit dull. But I still love watching it! hehehe…I’m on to Desperate Housewives Season 2 as well, so far the storyline’s getting quite predictable….but I’m enjoying it nonetheless! hahaha…..As you can see I do have quite a lot of time to spare. Have a good week ahead people!!!!


4 comments on “Tuesday November 29, 2005

  1. Mei_cheah

    Haha! Yes, I’m a biggg O.C fan! I’m at season 3 as well! Don’t worry. The story’s gonna pick up. It’s not dull at all! Not gonna spoil it for ya 😀 I’m also watching Grey’s Anatomy, House M.D, and Desperate Housewives! hehe…such a junkie!

    But not much time nowadays, cause muggin’ for exams. 🙁

    And oh, not forgetting re-runs of SATC! Gosh, I think I can recite the lines already! kakakaka!


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