Sunday October 14, 2007

This is going to be a pictures only update!! Brace yourselves!

Rae’s Wedding

One of our 8TV colleagues got married the end of last month. Here’s one with the whole Quickie team- crew and hosts (minus Phat Fabes) at the wedding dinner.

Hong Kong

Day 1 : Arrival/Avenue of Stars/Symphony of Lights

At Hong Kong International Airport, the intricately weaved plants on the way to the bus station.

In the Double Decker bus on the way downtown, the Tsing Ma Bridge.

New Territories

The Ting Kau Bridge

At a cramped Wantan Mee shop, they put these cups of tea on your table right as you sit down. I was about to pick it up to have a sip when my sis stopped me and said that these were for rinsing your chopsticks and cutleries.

Typical apartment building downtown

Road signs. I bought the miniature fridge magnet version.

Ladies Market, just 2 streets from where our hotel was.

Tsim Sha Tsui Pier, Hong Kong Island Skyline

An old skool Junk.

The family….this trip was actually a birthday gift for my grandma (far right) who just turned 80.

Avenue of Stars, Asia’s version of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

Symphony of Lights. Every night at 8pm, you’ll get to witness a 15 minutes lights and laser show projected by the buildings, accompanied by orchestral music.

Day 2: HK Disneyland/Lamma Island

Disneyland Express

The Mickey Mouse hand rail thingy. Look at the details! Up to Mickey’s trouser buttons as part of the holder!! So cute.

I’ve finally visited a Disneyland!! It’s pretty small but it’s my first Disneyland experience so I enjoyed it thoroughly.

On board the Disneyland Railroad Train for a tour of the entire park.

With Mulan. Mickey and Minnie had a long line of people waiting to take pictures with them so I decided not to wait.

With all sorts of headgears. I was being a cheapskate and just posed for pictures with them on. Didn’t buy any coz they were too expensive. Everything in HK is expensive! (except clothes….hehehehe)

The Lion King Show…. Breathtaking!

Some of the amazing sights you’ll see on the Jungle River Cruise

Lunch at the Banquet Hall, the decor inside is like a medieval castle with double doors and draperies and all that jazz. Very cool.

The Mickey Mouse jelly which I had for dessert

My grandma living out her childhood fantasy of being on a horse! So cute!

I couldn’t resist a Pink Dumbo!

Ice Cream, anyone??

Another one of the Family outside Fairy Tale Castle. We rented a Wheelchair for my grandma coz she can’t walk too much and because of the wheelchair, we were treated like VIPs! All of us got imediate access for all the shows, got front row seats, and we got to skip the queue! It was so convenient!

Me and Sis….Do we look anything alike?

The Golden Mickey show….this is where the Disney characters speak in Cantonese. Very weird. And you know what, Mickey Mouse speaking in Cantonese sounds a lot like Eric Tsang Chi Wai. heheheh…


The Parade down Main St. Too many pictures so I condensed them into a slideshow…..

After spending the whole day at Disneyland, we took a ferry ride over to Lamma Island for dinner.

Roasted Pigeons, not really my cup of tea but it’s a HK specialty.

Day 3: The Peak/Shopping

45 degree view of Hong Kong. In the Peak Tram going up to The Peak.

Here’s a picture of the Peak Tram I took from on top of the peak.

On top of Hong Kong!

With Bruce Lee and….
Kelly Chen….there is a Madam Tussauds Wax Museum up at The Peak but my family decided not to go in for a look, much to my disappointment….

Then we went shopping!! It was crazy because when we were there, the next day, it was a public holiday so people swarmed the streets…literally. Everywhere you look, you see neon signs and…
…and more people…..It’s crazy! I felt so claustrophobic going into the tiny cramped shops with so many people!! But despite that, I had quite a fruitful shopping trip because I got quite a lot of stuff, clothes especially, for very good prices!

We had Mongolian Steamboat for dinner that night and the lamb was so so good!! This meal costs us almost HKD1000 for the 6 of us, that’s like RM500! Food in HK is really expensive. A bowl of Wantan Noodles are like RM10 each and one Yau Cha Kwai(fried chinese doughnuts) are about RM2.50 each!

Day 4: Departure
We had the infamous HK Dim Sum(sorry didn’t take any pictures, was too busy eating..) for breakfast the next morning and did some last minute shopping before leaving for the airport and returning to KL later in the evening.

Joe and I decided to go down to Singapore last weekend because one of our friends invited us over to celebrate his birthday with him. Joe’s sis and bro-in-law and baby Tristan joined us for the trip to go shopping. It was also Baby Tristan’s first trip ‘overseas’! It was a great weekend away and yes….as if I didn’t shop enough in HK, I shopped again in Singapore. I love shopping!! hehehe….

Dinner at Morton’s Steakhouse -Oriental Hotel, with the birthday boy, AK (4th from left) and other friends from Singapore and KL

Partying down at Cafe Del Mar, Sentosa Island. L-R, Joe, Yours Truly, Derrick (Lieutenant Kong!), Birthday Boy AK, and Li Ann.

Birthday boy AK sucking in an AfterBurner! Happy Birthday boy!

On the way back from Sentosa, came across this street….hehhee…. Kay Poh St!

Looks like a space ship, doesn’t it? A Pagani Zonda parked in front of the Hilton.

Going to the toilet at Clarke Quay? Well…you’ll be able to say hi to this girl stuck to the wall!!

The cutie pie Baby Tristan’s with his favourite auntie!

Ok guys, I think there’s enough pictures here to last you a while…don’t you think? I had 2 great trips, 2 weekends back to back and this weekend, I’m just taking it easy. Had to much oily food during my trips I think that now I’m breaking out!! Never had so many pimples in my life!! Any quick fix to the problem, anyone? I have so many shoots lined up next week and although I know there are such things as photoshop but it’ll be better if I don’t have so many lumps and bumps on my face!! Well, hope to hear from you guys soon. Keep those comments coming k? Take care and Selamat Hari Raya!!


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  1. StonedEwok

    hiiii Bel!

    Oh man its been AGES. Love the photos, they bring back fond memories of HK 🙂 How good is the shopping! lol

    Thought I’d drop you a line because I’ll actually be in KL this December with a group from my church! (20-24th). It’d be great to see ya if you’re not too busy!

    Just wondering if you have any tips / suggestions on where to stay?? Preferably not too shabby, but nothing flash either 😛 Do you recommend any places or even a good website to book cheap hotels/hostels?? we’re a bit stuck coz none of us have been to KL before!

    Anyways, hope you get this in time (I might email it to you as well just in case lol) – you can reply on my xanga (even though i never use it hehe) or by email.

    Take care,

  2. SilverblueGuest

    Get Apple Cider Vinegar…
    use a cotton bud to dip the ACV and apply directly on your zit
    it will fade overnight…and the fastest i ever experienced was few hours!
    the ACV is gonna stink the room! but hey…it helps! apply as many times as u could. oh ya…the smell only last a soon as it dies up, u wont even notice the smell.
    hope that helps 😉


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