Sunday October 29, 2006

From the message board = (Dissapointed): I’m an avid follower of your blog, but it seems like u’ve been neglecting us.. a post a week if we’re lucky

Wow…. I really do appreaciate you coming here to read my blog but you need to know that I’m not a full-time blogger and sometimes I’m bogged down with work, whereas sometimes, I just don’t feel like blogging, because I have nothing much to say. I mean, wouldn’t you rather read something interesting than just me ranting on about nonsense? But thanks for the comment and I apologise for disappointing you….so here’s an entry, hope you’ll enjoy it for the next few minutes because you’ll have to wait at least another week or 2 for the next one.

The road trip up north was well….time consuming, but for all the Malay/Raya food, it was all good. We didn’t get stuck in traffic going up or coming back down from Penang, but the traffic jam was all in the island itself! It seemed like almost everyone in Selangor decided to head up to Penang for the holidays, all the B– car plates clogging up the island’s roads. Going from one destination to another in the island took forever!! Not that I minded that much because I wasn’t driving and I was sleeping almost the whole way through. My dad drives an Innova so there are 2 rows of seats at the back. I took up the whole 3rd row and made it my lil make-shift bed with 3 pillows and a blanket. Everytime we hop into the car, I’d be sleeping the whole way, waking up just to eat or use the rest room. I would walk in to people’s house or restaurants still blur and groggy, only to stuff food in my mouth and return back into the car for another nap! hehehe….. What a life man!! I totally slept the whole trip away but well, it’s meant to be a break, so why not relax right?

(cin): saw u at the thai restaurant in penang, u look stunningly beautiful!
Awww…thanks cin! Hehehe…..quite amazing, and scary, the power of self-promoting on weblogs. hehehe…… Next time come up to say hi k? By the way, the food at that Thai restaurant in Penang was great!! I can’t remember the name or where it’s located (Note: blur and groggy from nap) so maybe cin can help tell everyone. The Lemongrass Steamed Fish is good, so is the Green Curry. We were just suppose to meet up with Nicol David’s parents for dinner that night but surprisingly, Nicol came back just in time to join us for dinner! She has just returned from Hong Kong after winning the Hong Kong Open and retaining her World No.1 position! So proud of her!! She loves the food there and her celebrity status earns her a free dessert everytime she goes there!! hehehe…..

Coming back from the trip, the next day, we started shooting a few of my scenes for the movie. It was a simple few scenes but it was quite tiring. I had to trek through a ‘forest’ in my white skirt and white ballerina flats! And it was really hot too, plus the mozzies were everywhere!! Luckily I brought my insect repellent so the damage wasn’t as bad. After having some experience from shooting for the previous TV Series, I’ve equipped myself with a bag of on-location shooting necessities consisting of sun block, insect repellent, wet wipes, perfume, evian water spray, my handheld battery-operated fan and a manicure set – just in case of a chipped/broken nail. So I’m like a walking pharmacy at shoots. Do check out our blog, Red Street Diner, for pictures and details about the entire production so far. We will start shooting the rest of my scenes next week in Muar. Can’t wait!!

A couple of my friends and I went for the David Tao concert last night (28th). It was awesome!! He was singing all his bigger hits, non-stop for 2 hours! I had such a great time singing along (some songs that I’ve learned by heart) and just enjoying his stellar performance. And we got upgraded seats as well so all was good! Although he’s not exactly your typical hunk, voice aside, he has this certain appeal to him- maybe coz he seem like such a romantic sweetie with all the love songs he’s written, and he grew up in America so he’s quite the ‘banana’, unlike myself though, he reads and writes very good chinese. He was speaking more English during his concert than Mandarin so that helped a lot at making the concert enjoyable for me. If you guys haven’t heard of Taiwanese singer, David Tao then you’re really missing out! Do check out his songs, expecially some of his older songs, like (these are all translated titles) Airport at 10:30, Dear God, Just Friends, I Love You, Love Me or Him and his recent one is a duet with Jolin Tsai- We’re Getting Married Today. Hehehe…. All the titles sounds a lil weird translated to English, but trust me, they’re all easy-listening goodness!

David Tao – Love Can World Tour 2006

On a totally separate note, I think I might have an obsessive-compulsive teeth brushing habit? How long, on average, do you spend brushing your teeth? I feel like once I start brushing my teeth, I don’t want to stop. On average I take about 5 minutes to finally be able to will my fingers to push the off button on my electric toothbrush and sometimes, when I’m in a hurry, and I know I have to rush, I still cannot seem to stop brushing in less than 5 minutes. Anyone else out there with the same problem?

Sorry I don’t have pictures or any latest news to share with you guys. Hopefully this ‘word-y’ blog will be entertaining enough for the next week or so until I return from Muar. Thanks for all the support guys!! Keep those comments coming in!!


0 comments on “Sunday October 29, 2006

  1. burnburn

    lol how some people are obsessed with your blog and feels sad when you don’t post about u’re adventures.
    and with brushing teeth?
    well, i just brush every inch and corner of my mouth, then i’m done. maybe i’ll do a second brush down… but not for 5 minutes! that’s like massaging u’re teeth!

  2. lssui1

    I brush my teeth for like 15 minutes and then floss for another 15 minutes and that is like EVERYDAY! On top of that, I rinse too. It is so annoying because it’s such a waste of time but I can’t stop (even if I tell myself to). I am a typical obsessive compulsive disorder maniac *Grins*

  3. velvetgal

    Hi Bel, I share the same habit or maybe ‘problem’ with u bout brushing teeth for 5mins… i would want it to have the squeaky clean feel each time =) weird or not? my bf on the other hand only takes less than 1 min!! ewwwww


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