Sunday October 22, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d like you to meet ‘Videogirl’

I’m getting into character for the movie and it all began with a haircut! Last Friday, Fergus (the Director) brought Ash, Justin and myself to Haute at Lot 10 (which is owned by Andy Ho – celebrity stylist) to get our hair styled to character. Justin had to cut his hair short, like a good boy, Ash was given a more ‘messy’ haircut and well, I was given bangs or a full fringe, however you call it. (I remember once, missAnj told me that in the States, fringe are the hairs at your nether regions…..or was it the other way round…..I can’t remember)

xIMG_8205 xIMG_8198
My character is melancholic…. but hopeful…..

I kinda like the new hair, although I think it would look better with the fringe a bit shorter. But they’re gonna style it to curl to the sides a bit on shoot days so it needs to be longer…
I can’t see clearly now….

My character is based on Anna Karina (French Actress) in Pierrot Le Fou, directed by Godard. (media gang, I’m sure you guys remember that we watched this before for Film class??) Well, I’m trying to gain some inspiration from her right now so am doing quite a bit of revision on French New Wave films – the ones which my media friends and I will walk out of the theatre feeling lost and completely disorientated because of the lack of a sense of direction in the films.

Anna Karina as Marianne in Pierrot Le Fou

The shoot for Red Street Diner started today, at SS2 “Wai Sek Kai”. I dropped by a while ago to hand in my contract and to watch Justin in action. I can’t wait for my scenes to start. Hopefully everything will turn out great!

I’m leaving for Penang tomorrow for the Raya holidays. Haven’t had a road trip with the family in a while now so it’ll be great to just relax and catch up. And for all the yummy food in Penang, I think it’s worth it as well. My dad has a really good Malay friend up in Perlis so we’ll be droping by on Tuesday, Hari Raya, to go visit him and his family. We might be passing by Kedah as well so……Northern Malaysia…here I come!!

Check out JT’s ‘My Love’ music video! I love this song! The beginning remix bit is pretty annoying and the whole premise of the video is kinda sexist, but check out the wicked choreography! The boy can sure dance! And he’s just so hot!! hehehe…

Latest News:

* Joyce was kind enough to feature me for the Style section of Malay Mail this coming Wednesday and it’s all about Jeans……because I do live in my jeans….

* You know how the last time I said I wasn’t going to be apart of Blast Off this year? Well, things might’ve changed, I’ll let you guys know when things are confirmed. So excited!!!

* While at Lot 10 getting my haircut the other day, I bumped into Mawi shopping at A/X!! hahaha….. That was the first time I’ve seen him in person and well, nothing special…… hehehe…. just thought I’d share that little piece of news.

That’s it!! To all my Indian friends, Happy Belated Deepavali! And to all my Muslim friends, Selamat Hari Raya!! Have a great week people! I’ll update more when I get back from the north. Take care!


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  1. brian_86

    hi there, random poster here but casual reader. always enjoyed your posts about your career and how its come to be! hope i can find a job i enjoy as much as you!

  2. miss_anj

    oh god. French New Wave..haahaha haven’t heard that term in so long. brings back bad memories of Battleship Potempkin and Caligari haahahah

    ps. love the hair and the FRINGE! =p

  3. StonedEwok

    Oh MAN, Pierrot Le Fou! That movie was a big trip…

    I’m pretty sure Anna Karina wasn’t even an actress at the time….they literally just started filming her which is why she does look so LOST most of the time (as well as the audience)! lol

    So you’re basing your character on her (does that mean you’ll “accidentally” be looking into the camera, hehe)? wow that’s gonna be a challenge…you sound like you’re on your way though.

    Bel, you’re in a film…can’t believe it. Looks pretty cool too. Let us know when we can see it!

    Damn, stop fulfilling all my aspirations, i’m lagging way behind back here in Oz, haha

    Take care,


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