Thursday October 12, 2006

The TV series shoot has finally wrapped! After about a whole month of shooting, we wrapped last night (well, early morning more like it) and ‘Season 1’ consisting of 13 episodes is now done… Not sure when it’ll go on-air but be sure you’ll find out from me here as soon as I find out! Here’s a sneak peek into the show:

Me and my ‘mum’ played by the famous, Louisa Chong

Me and My ‘Cousin’

We had lots of ups and downs while shooting the series. So many funny/wacky scenes… so much drama….tears, slaps, a kiss….hehehehe…and shooting on-location in the heart of KL – Petaling St, we got to see so many different sorts of people! One which scared the hell out of me happened last week. While we were just hanging around waiting to shoot in front of a food stall, a guy (who was quite nicely dressed, looks like a decent student) started masturbating in public!!! He had his sling bag placed in the front but it was very obvious!! The makeup artist quickly went up to our director to get the guy to leave and to my surprise, my director, together with the camera crew went up to him and gave him a whack to the head! They pushed and shoved him until he ran away, still blur and shocked I think. Serves him right!! I’m sure he’ll think twice again before doing something so disgusting in public!

I mean what has the world come to?? This is not the first time I witnessed something like this!! Guys! Please! Control yourselves!! Back in Kuching many years back, my best friend KC and I went to Parkson (the ‘in’ place then) to get a greeting card and while we were busy choosing, a guy comes up next to us. I didn’t even realise what was happening until he started moaning!! I looked over to his direction and he had his hands in his pocket! Up till today I still feel so terrorised by that image! Some guys might think it’s nothing, i mean, yeah, they never touched us physically, but we still feel violated!! For us girls, witnessing something like this is almost the same as getting raped!! And what irks me even more which I can’t believe is coming out of some people’s mouth, is that these actions are usually instigated by the girls….by wearing something really revealing!! I mean, so what if I just want to go out in my underwear, I have the right to do so!! But it doesn’t give you the right to act like a sex-crazed fool!!

If the Petaling St. guy was a little more bold or if there weren’t so many people around that day he might’ve raped someone!! It’s so frustrating living in this country and not being able to feel free to do whatever I want!! I feel so helpless as a girl, I don’t know what to do….I don’t know what I can do! I guess these kinds of things does happen everywhere…..but I’ve been unlucky enough to witness it twice here in the land I call home.

Latest News:

* Hitz.TV’s Birthday Bash is on November 4th at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach! Get on there from 5pm onwards for a night of great performances, partying and more!!

* Unfortunately though, my shooting for The Red Street Diner starts on Nov 4th, so I’ll be missing the birthday bash! But you will get to meet and greet all the other VJs – Rudy/JJ/Ean/SerenaC/AdamC/Xan/Andy/Ferhad/Roshan , so don’t miss out!

* Check out VMag next month, where I, hopefully, will have a full page picture + article about me (So sorry I disappointed you with the small picture on CLEO, anonymous) in Chinese. I had an Afro…. sort of! hehehe….

* Get The Star – Motoring section, November 5th.

This was taken from Eve&Adam, September Issue:

Let’s play spot Bel!! (Hint: There are actually 2 of me here….in 2 different styles..)


0 comments on “Thursday October 12, 2006

  1. burnburn

    some ppl are really stuffed in the head.
    it’s not just men though, some women are as well.
    and it doens’t even have to be sexual.
    today, i saw this guy that was trying to steal from one of the market stalls in chatswood.. tsk tsk.
    though, i think the guy was a bit mentally disabled, or under the influence of something.

    this world is indeed very sad. unfortunately 🙁
    but we’ll just have to live with it, and ignore it.

  2. miss_anj

    omg that’s disgusting! i can’t beleive guys would do that in public! yuch.

    i had a rather shocking experience at a Nic Tse concert here a few years back. he got everyone to come down to the front of stage, so there was a bit of a mini mosh going on. and this totally gross random dude pressed himself up against me and his hand wandered up my skirt (which wasn’t even a mini!) and started poking around in there. i was so freaked out, and it was so loud and so many people, i could barely get away! i pretty much shoved him and squirmed away.

  3. secundus

    whoa…in public? That’s just sick…a man’s gotta control his urges no matter how strong they are! haha guess he’s not man enough… anyway your “cousin’s” attire is pretty hilarious. Think he could pull off a stand up in that!


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