Thursday July 7, 2005

Guess who got to meet, shake hands and have a picture taken next to Eason Chan today? Me of course!!!

Damn the guy with the spiky hair covering my pretty face! Hahaha…But I still got up close, and he had his hands on my shoulder!! I’m not the biggest fan but he is a HK superstar…so…..I was crazily happy after this picture!! hahaha…. It’s a pity he didn’t have enough time to take a one-on-one picture, it would’ve been priceless! Anyway….that was the highlight of my day. Let’s hope they’ll be more to come….lets say…..Edison Chen?! or maybe Nicholas Tse?! Till then, die of envy everyone!!!

Eason had his hands on my shoulder! hahahahaa…….~crazy~ 

0 comments on “Thursday July 7, 2005

  1. teenEd

    Aaaaa…lucky you!! M not a fan of m not that envy. Taking pictures with celebrities sure is something exciting whether u r a fan o not,huh? M happy for ya!! keep posting pictures n blogs!! Hav a good day ^^

  2. teenEd

    o…and you still stood out in the crowd though the spiky hair almost covered your face ^^ because Eason stood beside you *big grin*

  3. miss_anj

    omg woman!!! eason!!! hahahaha he’s so mad!!! you should’ve got me an autograph!!

    omg..the day nicholas tse comes. call me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ro_mu_lus

    lol i can’t say i’m a huge fan of his, but then which girl wouldn’t swoon in his presence right? and edison seems to have taken over the hearts of most of my gal pals. lol. btw have i ever mentioned to you that you have an awesome job? yes believe i have. 😉


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